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  • After5 - Meet - Dine - ConnectAfter5 - Meet - Dine - Connect
  • After5 - Meet - Dine - ConnectAfter5 - Meet - Dine - Connect

After5 brings together women who have never met before at some of the hottest restaurants in the city in an effort to ease the friendship-making process. Whether you want to meet up with new people in your city or just want a girls night out, it has never been easier to do so! Via the platform After5, you book a seat at the table, the rest will be arranged by them!

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The power of female friendships

“Women’s friendship has always been empowering for both of us! We’ve been fortunate to live, study, and work in several countries, requiring us to build new social circles from scratch. As ambitious women, this journey can sometimes bring loneliness. We want to help other women create new friendships at different stages in their lives whether they are new in a city or have lived there all their life. Having female friends and meaningful friendships is so enriching, we want to empower women to create their best lives!”

Why making new friends can be hard

Between the ages of 25 and 35, our lives undergo significant changes, not only of ourselves but also of those around us. Some start families, others remain single, and others are getting married. Additionally, our careers often consume the majority of our time, leading to more structured lives where the opportunities to organically meet new people diminish. During these transformative times, the need for connection is high, yet this can be challenging to find. After5 aims to solve this by bringing women together for offline activities.

After5 |Doing what we love

“We wanted to make the experience of meeting new people and making friends super easy and fun! We combined all of the things that we love doing the most; going out to great hospitality venues and sipping cocktails – just another excuse to dress up – and connecting to other women. The result is quite honestly a magical evening”, according to the initiators of After5.

A bit of a background story

The founders met when the two were studying at the same university in Istanbul, after they became friends, they each went their own ways. Many countries and years later they reconnected when both of them moved (back) to Rotterdam. Because of their many international experiences, they knew the struggle of making new friends in a new place and meeting new people outside of your current circle. There had to be an easier solution for this! After some brainstorming, they came up with their concept and started an Instagram page. The first month they received over 200 applicants! They have hosted a total of 10 dinners so far, with more than 50 amazing women in just 3 months. All the feedback from the participants was so inspiring and motivated them to create a bigger platform for women to connect with each other. After5 is a growing concept and is active in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

After5-diners | Would you like to join them sometime?

Super nice of you to join! After5 dinners are always carefully curated to give you the best experience. That’s why they want to ask you a few questions while signing up on their platform ( They look forward to welcoming you to one of their tables.

How it works in steps:

  • Sign up to their platform and fill in a short questionnaire.
  • Check out their tables and book your seat.
  • Join their dinner and connect with other women, a minimum of 4 a maximum of 6.
  • No hassle at the table – everything is arranged with a pre-paid menu – so you can have a carefree experience!

Are you interested in becoming a partner?

After5 works with the best restaurants to provide delicious food with top-notch service. You can contact them at and they can discuss how you can work together.


At the very beginning of Horecatrends (2008) we already saw that dinners were being organized in the catering industry via Twitter. This initiative to meet each other in real life reminds us (a little) of that.

Website: After5

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