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A sustainable cup with black gold for everyone: that is what the Mister Barish coffee brand stands for. By selling loose coffee beans, purchased at fair prices from plantations with environmentally friendly products, the brand wants to combat the growing use of single-use plastic. Unique in the Netherlands: Mister Barish sells monthly subscriptions where the customer pays per cup of coffee. This includes a device, service and support and the most suitable beans. This makes good and luxurious coffee more accessible to a wider audience. This December, Mister Barish opened its first experience store in Amsterdam, officially launching the brand in the Netherlands.

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Mister Barish | Coffee as a (e-)service

The founders of Mister Barish, Stef Lefebre from Antwerp and Tim van Tittelboom from Amsterdam, created a special coffee brand in just a few years. They noticed that, even in the office, people mainly drank American coffee. During an autumn walk on the beach of Knokke, they decided to join forces to produce the best, but at the same time the easiest, coffee. This way everyone can enjoy a cup of black gold.

Mister Barish stands for ‘coffee as a (e-)service’. You can get your machine, the beans and the wise advice you need to get the very best coffee into your cup. A solution for many offices, but also for at home. Unique to the brand: the beans are roasted and tested in coffee machines from the start. As result, the beans are a lot less fat than other coffee beans that are available in supermarkets, for example. The beans are completely optimized for coffee machines, so that the quality of coffee that comes out of the machine is the highest.

Just before the outbreak of corona, Mister Barish came on the market as a B2B brand. Where their focus was on companies, suddenly everyone was working from home. Stef and Tim accepted the challenge and forced to turn the whole story towards the B2C market. In the second financial year, in the middle of the corona crisis, the company immediately generated a turnover of 1.7 million euros. “People work from home, but they also want to enjoy the best possible coffee there,” says Stef. “We have built our story further on that, and our product is now also available in the living room.”

Sustainable coffee with a bean-to-cup principle

Mister Barish believes it is not only important that the coffee tastes good, but also that the beans are produced sustainably. That is why the brand carries the Rainforest Alliance quality mark, an international quality brand for working conditions, nature conservation and the environment for products from areas where rainforest grows. For example, coffee farmers must meet 200 requirements in the field of nature conservation, water conservation and forest management. In addition, employees on coffee plantations should receive at least the minimum wage and good secondary working conditions, including a safe living environment.

The company is also happy to contribute to reducing the mountain of waste. By using the bean-to-cup principle, capsules are a thing of the past.

Mister Barish | retail 2.0

Mister Barish works with monthly subscriptions, where the customer pays per cup of coffee. This includes a device, service and support and the most suitable beans. Where the price of a capsule at a competitor is around 30 euro cents, a cup of coffee at Mister Barish costs significantly less. Depending on the device and the blend, Mister Barish costs an average of 23 cents per cup of coffee.

From the beginning of 2022, a monthly subscription will not only be available for the B2B market, but also for consumers. Mister Barish is thus making quality coffee available and accessible to consumers for the first time in the Netherlands.

In December Mister Barish did open its first Experience Store on the Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam. “Here we mainly provide the opportunity to consult us online to optimize their coffee. With the current measures, it is more important than ever that we provide our customers with good support, both online and offline, to ensure that the very best coffee flows from the devices. Our store will be fully equipped to service our customers via an online meeting. For us, this is retail 2.0, the future.”

Website: Mister Barish

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