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Opening – Patron-cuisinier Edwin Muns has taken over the operation of restaurant Poelzicht in Kapel-Avezaath near Tiel. As of September 1, 2021, he reopened the doors under the name Brasserie Poelzicht. After various lockdowns due to corona between November 2021 and February 2022, the entrepreneur can now finally fully open its doors. Unique in the region is the French bistro cuisine combined with strictly French wines.

The Betuwe in the middle of the Netherlands is great region for cycling and since I am part of the ‘cycling gray brigade’, I would love to go there for lunch or dinner during or after a bike ride. The French bistro dishes sound delicious! ^Marjolein

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Chef Edwin Muns brings France to the Betuwe

Edwin Muns previously worked as a (sous) chef at a couple of high-end restaurants in the Netherlands like de Gravin van Buren in Buren, Lodewijk XIII in Maurik and Van Balveren in Echteld. After being the co-owner of the successful Bistro Formidable in Breda for seven years, he has returned to the Betuwe. His love for his origin and the classic French cuisine come together in Brasserie Poelzicht.

French, artisanal and fresh at Brasserie Poelzicht

In the kitchen of the brasserie, everything is traditionally made with fresh ingredients. The regularly changing menu includes French classics such as oysters, fruits de mer, pâté, steak tartare, fried sole, duck and meat such as sirloin steak and côte de boeuf. They also have vegetarian dishes. The seasons are leading, so game will be regularly on the menu during autumn and winter. You can eat à la carte and there is a three-course menu with a choice of three dishes per course.

French bistro dishes and strictly French wines

Patron-cuisinier Edwin Muns: “We have changed little in the restaurant, guests can still enjoy the beautiful light and the view over the garden. The tables are now covered with linen to offer more comfort. I think you simply eat better at a table covered with linen. A culinary eye-catcher in the open kitchen is the beautiful rotisol, a large standing grill, in which we regularly grill delicious chickens. The restaurant can accommodate up to 70 guests, as well as outside on the terrace. Unique to the region is the combination of French bistro dishes and the wine list with strictly French wines. Poelzicht is a real part of France in the Betuwe.

We open in the morning at 11.30 am and are open for lunch, drinks and dinner. The drinks menu includes both traditional and original homemade snacks. In the summer we have a terrace menu with more simple lunch dishes such as sandwiches. This way we can also serve the many cyclists who do not want to eat an extensive or warm lunch.”

Website: Brasserie Poelzicht

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