Antwerp Tastes


‘Antwerpen Proeft’ (Antwerp Tastes) is Belgium’s culinary highlight this summer. Chefs with a 15+ ranking in the Gault&Millau BeLux will cook all-in arrangements as well as bites for visitors. The Chéfs that participate this year are Viki Geunes (‘t Zilte), Wouter Keersmaekers (De Schone van Boskoop), Axel Colonna-Cesari (Centpourcent), Dave De Belder (De Godevaart) and Kaasaffineurs Michel Van Tricht & Zoon (cheese and beer pairing experts).


Next to the prominent chefs there are local and artisanal products like hand made Moon Pops ice creams.

Bron: Gault Millau

Website: Antwerpen Proeft

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