Djemaa El Fna square in Rotterdam


  • Djemaa el Fna

On September 20 and 21 the ‘Museumpark’ in Rotterdam will be transformed into a huge outdoor restaurant. Inspiration is the famous square in Marrakesh, Djemaa el Fna. This square will transform in the evening from a market into an outdoor restaurant where visitors can buy snacks at various stalls. During the first edition of the ‘Djemaa el Fna’ in Rotterdam, some entrepreneurs will make Moroccan snacks with the goal to make the diversity of cultures and nationalities visible. There will also be different Moroccan products for sale, musicians, dancers and camels. ‘Djemaa el Fna’ is part of the ‘World Food Festival’.

On The Roof Film Festival


From 3 till 6 September the second edition of the ‘On The Roof Film Festival’ will be organized. During the four evenings films and documentaries with the theme ‘your green heart’ will be played. The festival will take place on the roof of the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam. Every night, before the film starts, interviews with scientists about their green heart will be shown. Watch the video to get an impression of last year’s edition.

The Donut factory


  • donutfrabiek

Frossja and Martijn are serving coffee with organic mini donuts from a 1974 caravan . The ‘Donut factory’ makes traditional mini donuts of organic flour and the toppings are adapted to the occasion. The ‘Donut factory’ also serves several fair trade coffees, teas and organic soft drinks and juices. You can find the ‘Donut factory’ at festivals, (organic) markets, fairs in the Netherlands but it is also available for rent for companies or individuals.

Interactive window advertisement


Cities around the world are faced with vacant shops. Earlier we’ve spotted the Public painting machine in empty stores in Poland. Now Niklas Roy has found an interesting marketing solution to target vacant spaces in Sherbrooke. The sign ‘for rent’ follows the passers-by if they walk in front of the shop window. Watch the video to see how this system works.

Chefs Table at the IJ


  • chefs

Until October 1st Chef’s Table is located at pop-up location ‘Undercurrent’ in Amsterdam. Chef Jeffrey Verwey and his team will present accessible classical dishes on this floating restaurant at the IJ. From August 15 onwards there will be a recycle art gallery in Undercurrent as well. Curator Naleye Sultan Buddista will exhibit special –buyable- artworks in the build up to the Art & Design Recycling Fair 2014. The pop-up location is the former information center of ‘IJburg’.

Healthy Food Camp at festivals


  • healthy food

The demand for healthier food during festivals is increasing, the offer of healthy food needs to grown wider and bigger. Caterer ‘Adams Appels’ responds to this need by providing a Healthy Food Camp during the Mysteryland festival in the Netherlands. The Healthy Food Camp will consist of a healthy dining area with honest juices, slow Mediterranean food and an extensive healthy menu. There will be a natural nutritionist who can advise you on your food choice. Besides the Mysteryland festival, the caterer will also provide the Healthy Food Camp at other festivals.

Pop-up beach hotel


During the summer months you can find the pop-up hotel Tender 2 at the beach of Knokke (Belgium). The pop-up hotel has two floors and is equipped with all the luxury and comfort. The hotel rooms are modern furnished and guests have the option of a personal butler, Michelin-starred food, a spa and a private beach. Tender 2 consists of plate glass and allows guests to enjoy the view of the sea in privacy. The pop-up hotel is located on the beach for the second year and will be open until 15 September.

+Pool tile by tile


A floating pool in the middle of New York City’s East River, wouldn’t that be great? It might become reality thanks to crowd-funding. +Pool, a sustainable design project that would bring a giant filtration system disguised as a pool to the waters separating Manhattan and Brooklyn. Aiming to clean up to half a million gallons of river water each day. Architectural firm Family and the design office PlayLab, would allow New Yorkers the opportunity to swim in the East River safely for the first time in a century. The project scored headlines two years ago when ideas for the pool first surfaced on Kickstarter. Now the ambitious dream has inched closer to reality, as PlayLab/Family has achieved their goal last week at the Kickstarter page to gear toward creating a test pool. We think a cleaning pool like that would do great in the canals of Amsterdam or the port of Rotterdam. And the idea of the personalized tiles is great as well. Read more at The Huffington Post.

Pop-up beach


  • waagstrand

It is a rainy summer in the Netherlands, but the sun is shining in Leiden this year. So put on your swimsuit and enjoy a cocktail on a beach chair! The pop-up indoor beach ‘Waagstrand’ opened yesterday in the historic building ‘De Waag’. The indoor beach consists of 20 cubic meters of sand and has palm trees, beach chairs, cocktails, beach activities and DJs. This indoor beach is an initiative of ‘Stadspodia Leiden’ and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 13:00 pm to 01:00 am.

Pop-up single restaurant


  • eenmaal

Pop-up restaurant ‘Eenmaal’ opens on Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th. The pop-up restaurant is the first single restaurant in the world. Where you normally go out for dinner together, at restaurant ‘Eenmaal’ you will sit alone at a table. The restaurant serves a four course dinner and only has tables for one person. The purpose of the pop-up restaurant is to make a public place more attractive for single people and change the image of being alone in public. The pop-up restaurant is a social design project of Marina van Goor along with branding agency Vandejong.

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