Pop-up beach


  • waagstrand

It is a rainy summer in the Netherlands, but the sun is shining in Leiden this year. So put on your swimsuit and enjoy a cocktail on a beach chair! The pop-up indoor beach ‘Waagstrand’ opened yesterday in the historic building ‘De Waag’. The indoor beach consists of 20 cubic meters of sand and has palm trees, beach chairs, cocktails, beach activities and DJs. This indoor beach is an initiative of ‘Stadspodia Leiden’ and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 13:00 pm to 01:00 am.

Pop-up single restaurant


  • eenmaal

Pop-up restaurant ‘Eenmaal’ opens on Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th. The pop-up restaurant is the first single restaurant in the world. Where you normally go out for dinner together, at restaurant ‘Eenmaal’ you will sit alone at a table. The restaurant serves a four course dinner and only has tables for one person. The purpose of the pop-up restaurant is to make a public place more attractive for single people and change the image of being alone in public. The pop-up restaurant is a social design project of Marina van Goor along with branding agency Vandejong.

Hot Tub Cinema


  • hot tun

Last year we posted a video about the Hot Tub Cinema on our website. Meanwhile we got these beautiful pictures that we don’t want to hold back from you. The Hot Tub Cinema is a combination of hot tubs and great films on special locations. Hire a hot tub with your friends or buy a single ticket and share the hot tub with strangers.

Public painting machine


A nice gimmick for vacant shop-premises! German artist Niklas Roy developed the Public Painting Machine in collaboration with Kati Hyyppä. The Public Painting Machine was placed in vacant shop-premises in Poland. People on the street could pull the ropes to create an artwork. This pop-up art store causes a lot of fun and bustle in the shopping street.

Amsterdam water promotions


‘Waternet’ organizes activities on the water in Amsterdam to ask the attention for the importance of clean water in the canals. During Queens day the ‘Emergency Boot’ with toilets was launched. This boot prevented that people would pee in the canals or on the street. Three islands with toilets floated at the center of the water. Useful during the watersport season or when there are events on the water!

‘Waternet’ will do an activation on the canals to launch the ‘canal website’ on Saturday June 15. A photo boat of ‘Waternet’ floats around in the Amstel River in Amsterdam and takes photos of people with their boat. The pictures can be found on the ‘canal website’ and the most popular photo will be enlarged on canvas. The canal website contains tips, experiences, photos but also information about terraces and water events.

The Pilot store


The ‘Pilot store’ opened last April at shopping mall Hoog Catharijne Utrecht. The ‘Pilot store’ is a temporary store where consumers can test products. When consumers order a sandwich they are asked to participate in a taste test. If they cooperate, they will get their sandwich for a reduced rate. Consumers aren’t required to cooperate with the test. Based on the results, the producer will improve the tested products before they will be available in the supermarket. Consumers can influence the products that will be available in the supermarket. The store will be open until July 13.

Food Festival the Main Course


  • food festival

‘The Food Line-up’ and ‘Ome Ad’ organize the ‘Main Course’ festival on 14, 15 and 16 June in Amsterdam. This three day festival includes food trucks, cooking islands, theater, acts, music and DJs. Visitors can cook together with ‘Ome Ad’ at the different cooking islands. And at the food trucks of ‘The Food Line-up’ visitors can have a peek inside the trends or cook with the caterer. There is a full program of food games, live music and during the ‘Cook off’ they will cook with food that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Magnum Pleasure Store Amsterdam


  • Magnum

The Magnum Pleasure Store opened in Amsterdam last week. The pop-up store will only be open this summer. Visitors can create their own, custom made, Magnum ice-cream. Customizing starts with a base of vanilla ice cream dipped in white/milk/dark chocolate. Then, toppings can be added such as hazelnuts, meringue pieces, coconut, nougat or brownie pieces. Visitors experience a moment of joy and peace in the store. Before, the Magnum Pleasure Store was already available in London, Paris and Milan.

Midtown Pop-Up Hotel


  • Pop-up hotel

As a solution for the real estate crisis in Manhattan, the Copenhagen-based architects of PINKCLOUD have designed the Midtown Pop-Up Hotel. The PINKCLOUD Midtown Pop-Up Hotel is designed in such a way that it can easily transform an empty office space into a hotel. The clients can order different modules, varying from a hang-out for backpackers to luxury suites. This enables clients to create any hotel they want. The modules can easily be transported by truck and can easily be traced by the RFID tag.

Dinner in the sky


  • Hoogte

Breakfast, lunch or drinking cocktails in the sky.. Nowadays it’s all possible. Approximately 40 sky high franchise around the world serve dinners at a height of 180 foot. A table for 22 people is lifted by a crane to a height of 180 foot with three staff in the middle (chef, waiter, server) who provide dinner. A second crane with a platform (or more if desired) at the same height as the table is possible, for entertainment such as music or presentations. This brings dinner to a totally different level. Dinner in the sky started as a publicity stunt six years ago, and has become a huge success. The company also offers marriage, lounge and showbiz in the sky.

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