Freedom dinners on 5 May


On 5 May people in Amsterdam eat together during the “Freedom meals”. In restaurants, parks, homes and on the streets of Amsterdam thousands of citizens share tables. Various organizations and initiatives connect people through food. There are five StreetDinners organized by Bite Me throughout the city, where fifty volunteers cook in ten kitchens and collectively serve it for the visitors of these local events. Next to that, a huge dinner is organized at the IJ (1000 pax) and in several other local dinners are organized in the districts, see this link (Dutch) for an overview.

Obey and get free vitamins of the vending machine


Sociallab, a digital marketing agency in Greece placed a vending machine with the name ‘Greek Mama’ in a large shopping mall in Athens. ‘Greek Mama’ is known for her wisdom she knows best, so you’d better listen to what she says. Visitors of the shopping mall got the change to meet the ‘Greek Mama’ in person. The vending machine had a dozen quotes to encourage people to play along. The only thing they had to do; obey the orders of the vending machine and they would get a free vitamin drink.

The Pasta Sauna


The Italian book ‘Futurist Cookbook’ condemned pasta as the worst food on earth. This inspired artist Marije Vogelzang to create a place where people can enjoy pasta, but can also feel like pasta. She created the Pasta Sauna for Performa in 2009 in New York and made an improved version for Dordtyard in April 2013. The Pasta Sauna is a place where consumers can eat pasta while they enjoy the steam of the sauna. Marije Vogelzang used the steam from boiling pasta to create a place where consumers will feel as lazy and heavy as the food they’re putting into their bodies.

Rrroling Leiden


  • rollend Leiden

Leiden is the Dutch food truck capital on 23, 24 and 25 May. The Pieterskerkplein in the city center will be full with delicious trucks including Choripan, Het Crepe Chalet, Fritez, Garbanzo, I scream for Icecream, Vive le Vin, Los Hapje Pasta Joe, YOOS, Mac & Cheeze, Grill ‘nd Smoke, Allegaartje op wielen, Dartel, Lizz Bizz, All Class, World Wide Wraps and WattSap. To subscibe with a food truck, owners can get more information on the Facebook page of ‘Rrrollend Leiden’.

Spacified: the marketplace for pop-up stores


Online platform makes a match between temporary vacant spaces and designers, retailers and startups in Belgium and the Netherlands. The vacancy rate in retail spaces and offices increase and this brought founder Patrice Fleurquin the idea to develop a matchmaking service to bring both parties in contact. doesn’t only support starters, but also stimulates the creativity to set up an office, retail or event location. Recently and Voka ‘Chamber of Commerce Antwerp- Waasland, launched the POP-UP Guide. This guide gives visitors an overview of the newest, hottest pop-up stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. Currently, the guide only focuses on consumers, but can also provide cities and local authorities with information about the pop-up stores on longer-term. started a crowd funding project to extend the POP-UP Guide for five cities outside Belgium and the Netherlands.

Plans for 2015 from Rene Redzepi and Heston Blumenthal


Last Sunday I read a tweet from René Redzepi of Noma in which he indicated to close for two months early 2015. During that period, the entire team from Noma goes to Japan where they will cook in the restaurant of the Japanese chef Murata (restaurant Kikunoi). The philosophy of the cuisine of René Redzepi will be applied to the Japanese products. Great news for the Japanese foodies!

And yesterday the announcement of Heston Blumenthal in which he told that he will close his restaurant The Fat Duck as from December 2014, to reopen February 2015 for six months in The Crown Melbourne Resort. And Heston Blumenthal is also going to Australia with his entire team. After 6 months, the team is going back but a ‘Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’ remains at The Crown Melbourne Resort. Meanwhile, The Fat Duck will be rebuilt. A special way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his restaurant.^Marjolein

Pepsi creates exciting bus stop


Pepsi has put an interactive screen in a bus stop. It looks like a see-through glass wall, but that’s virtual. Unsuspecting people that are waiting in the bus stop experience bizarre moments with virtual aliens and tigers. Watch the video.

Pop-up restaurant champagne and gastronomy


  • Moët & Chandon Chef Yannick Alléno

Moët & Chandon unveils pop-up restaurant LE & in collaboration with Chef Yannick Alléno. The pop-up restaurant will open its doors at L’Orangerie in Epernay, on Moët & Chandon’s estate in France’s Champagne region from June 9 – July 9 2014. At LE &, guests are brought together around the table to experience the perfection of vintage champagne & visionary gastronomy; the culinary talent of Chef Yannick Alléno & the craftsmanship of Moët & Chandon Chef de Cave Benoît Gouez. Yannick Alléno crafted his delicious recipes to highlight the distinct flavors and subtleties of the Moët Impérial, the Moët Rosé Impérial and the Moët Nectar Impérial. Pre-booking starts in mid-April.

Flemish hospitality at snack wall


To advertise Flanders as a tourist destination in The Netherlands, several typical Flemish delicacies came from the Dutch FEBO snack wall . Visitors treated with a flair of Flemish hospitality as well. See the video for the promotion campaign.

Envyted by Michael Wolf with two starred chef Edwin Vinke


A new version of ‘Envyted by Michael Wolf’ will take place on April 7th and 8th. Chef cook Michael Wolf of restaurant Envy in Amsterdam invited two star Michelin chef Edwin Vinke of restaurant ‘De Kromme Watergang’ to prepare an exclusive five-course lunch and eight-course dinner. Edwin Vinke is one of the most talented chefs at this moment and for his restaurant he grows his own vegetables and herbs on a piece of land in Zeeland. During ‘Envyted’ the salty and earthy flavors of restaurant ‘De Kromme Watergang’ will be combined with a number of Michael Wolf’s favorite dishes.

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