CEDER’S | A premium drink with all the flavors of gin, without the alcohol


  • CEDER´S CrispCEDER´S Crisp
  • CEDER´S bottle serveCEDER´S bottle serve
  • CEDER´S Craig and MariaCEDER´S Craig and Maria

Launched this week on the Dutch market: CEDER’S, an alcohol-free alternative to gin. The premium brand with Swedish and South African roots contains all flavors of gin but without alcohol. This makes CEDER’S one of the first to offer Dutch consumers an alcohol-free alternative to gin that does not compromise on taste. From the end of June, the first of the three flavors, CEDER’S Crisp, will be launched at 450 Gall & Gall locations in the Netherlands.

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#ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS ice tea | Less screens, more fun!


  • #ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS Ice Tea
  • #ScreenFreeSaturday by Bos IceTea#ScreenFreeSaturday by BOS Ice Tea

Our eyes move from the small devices in our hands, to computer screens on our desks and television screens on the wall. Of course, it is entertaining watching all the fun stuff on these devices. But what do we do with all the real things on this earth that we haven’t discovered yet? BOS, an ice tea brand that was originated in Cape Town, therefore organises #ScreenFreeSaturday. Unplug and enjoy!

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Pop-up vegan ice cream shop | JuiceBrothers x Van Leeuwen


  • JuiceBrothers kioskJuiceBrothers kiosk
  • Van Leeuwen Ice Cream at the JuiceBrothers kiosk - credit SidneyBensimon_hiresVan Leeuwen Ice Cream at the JuiceBrothers kiosk - credit SidneyBensimon_hires

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream recently opened a pop-up vegan ice cream shop in the JuiceBrothers kiosk on the Admiraal de Ruyterweg in Amsterdam. The JuiceBrothers kiosk will be entirely devoted to vegan ice cream this summer. In addition to the Van Leeuwen ice cream, customers can still buy the JuiceBrothers’ juices.

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Kaffeeform, coffee cups made from coffee grounds | How sustainable do you want it to be?! !


  • Kaffee Form reusable cupsKaffee Form reusable cups
  • Kaffee Form to go cupsKaffee Form to go cups
  • Logo Kaffee FormLogo Kaffee Form
  • Kaffee FormKaffee Form

The idea of ​​making coffee cups from coffee grounds came at the product design study that the founder of Kaffeeform, Julian Lechner, followed in Italy. After drinking countless cups of espresso, he wondered if the remaining coffee grounds could not be used for something new. After much experimentation and with the help and support of experts, companies, family and friends, the original idea was incorporated into an actual product. The five-year development period had many ups and downs, but since 2015, Kaffeform has been making cups from coffee grounds!

We completely missed this sustainable product while it is being made in our neighbouring country, Germany. And also used and sold at various places all over Europe!

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Trends we spotted | Week 23


At hospitalitytrends.eu we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Chocolate Clouds, Little Big Hotelier-programme (no not at Netflix series) but at the Holiday Inn Resorts in Southeast Asia.

 California has its first edition of the Michelin Guide! For those foodies who will visit California this summer, a must check.

 In Thailand we spotted a burnout retreat and in London one can enjoy a BBQ on a boat now! We spotted this before at a couple of places but this looks very professional!

 Every first Thursday of the month, you can enjoy a ‘Close the loop’,  ‘conscious craft’ cocktail! Based on one ingredient from the kitchen at the Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar in Amsterdam that would otherwise have ended up in the trash as ‘waste’.

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Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 21


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends the past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of 3 videos which our colleague Vera Rauwerda thinks are worth watching.

This week videos about a group of Filipino men, they collect bird nests from caves and make soup from them. And a video about the traditional olive oil from Italy and how this is made. Finally, a video about several types of fruit and vegetables that you probably haven’t heard of before!

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PERENNIAL® | The 50+ consumer is getting more and more important


  • PerennialPerennial
  • PerennialPerennial

We keep spotting more and more products, initiatives and simple, small gestures that benefit the 50+ consumer. Product wise we recently spotted PERENNIAL®. As they put it, the world over 50 is aging like no generation before, but the entrepreneurs behind PERENNIAL® think people could be aging better, and that is why they’ve launched their first product, to support those who want to thrive and not slow down like prior generations.

PERENNIAL® is just one of the products we recently spotted for the accelerating 50+ market in the US, we recently also spotted ‘Town Square’, an interactive experience for senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We think it’s trendy and time to start preparing the hospitality industry for the elderly guests. We don’t need to create new products but check if our daily offerings are attractive for this booming market. As they’re the ones that are enjoying more free time and most of them have the finance to have some fun! Unfortunately PERENNIAL® isn’t available on the Dutch market yet but we can expect these kinds of drinks or foods focusing on older groups of consumers, on the market within a couple of years.

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Female entrepreneur from Rotterdam starts new Thai tea brand | 100% natural Tamnan Tea


Tamnan Tea was founded by Penpak Boonla, an entrepreneur from Rotterdam and Stephan van IJperen. Their tea journey started  2 years ago. On one of their many trips to Thailand we met great and good-hearted people. Among them farmers who just want to have a normal, happy, simple life, but cannot market their beautiful and healthy products,  because of a gap in knowledge, network, support and market access. They market ‘Fresh Blue’, a lemongrass tea with a hint of ginger and handpicked blue pea flowers, which makes this tea a great refreshment. ‘Calm Green’, a loose kaffir lime tea that has a slightly bitter taste. To achieve the right balance you taste the soft flavors of pandan leaves en the freshness of lemongrass. ‘Mellow Yellow’, loose ginger tea with a Thai twist of fresh lemongrass and the soft flavor of pandan leaves. ‘Soft Sour Flower’, loose hibiscus tea with a soft sourness to it because of the added blue pea flower and lemongrass.

Colored teas, they’re trendy! Surprise your guests with Tamnan Tea or the blue tea from Crusio Thee or the red and blue matcha’s from Matcha.blue by Fluxias GmbH!

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Gastronomic highlights during the Spanish Wine Week 2019


Spain is, among other things, loved for its excellent gastronomy. This is experienced by many as one of the most attractive aspects of this country. Every Spanish wine region has its own culture, regional products and gastronomy. In the Netherlands there are also many lovers of Spanish wine, so it is time to introduce the Spanish Wine Week in the Netherlands. During this week, the public literally and figuratively get a taste of the Spanish flavor!

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Dinner With The Queen | Culinary bee experience!


  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen
  • Dinner with the QueenDinner with the Queen

These days, more and more people are becoming aware that without bees there are no more bell peppers, raspberries or mustard. Each of those crops is only viable after pollination by a bee, and they are not the only ones! No less than three-quarters of all our vegetable crops only come into existence after pollination. As if that wasn’t enough, these brightly colored creatures are the creators of the so-called ‘nectar of the gods’: honey. With “Dinner With The Queen” organizer Gilles De Backer and chef Lieven Lootens pay tribute to the flowers and bees, especially the queen bee. You can reserve for a culinary bee experience from 17 June to 14 July on their website. Location: ‘Plukweide purfruit’ on the outskirts of East & West Flanders in Belgium: Dentergem, Oeselgem.

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