Bird Bingo | Virtual opening from the new tasting room ‘House of Bird’ from Bird Brewery


  • Vogelbingo door Bird Brewery voor de opening van 'House of Bird'
  • Vogelbingo door Bird Brewery voor de opening van 'House of Bird'

Inspiration from Amsterdam! A virtual opening of a new tasting room from Bird Brewery. On April 25 from 8.30 pm those who ordered a Bird’s Bingo Beer Package can play a virtual ‘Bird Bingo’ from the new tasting room, ‘House of Bird’. The tasting room ‘House of Bird’ in the Diemerbos (near Amsterdam) would open in the end of April. Unfortunately, there is no big opening for the time being because of the lockdown, but the brewers want to give their guests a glimpse during a real ‘Bird Bingo’. If you’re living in the Netherlands you can play along, that is if you understand the Dutch language! Order a Bird’s Bingo Beer Package via their web shop, receive a special bingo card and play on a live stream on April 25 at 8.30 pm. You might even win a great prize!

How to open virtually! Here in the Netherlands lots of people love to play games these days and the guys from the Bird Brewery use that fact to open their new restaurant  and tasting room virtually.

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Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter


  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter

Most of the Dutch people saw the crowds in the tubes in London on the news so we really understand the statement on the website of Patty&Bun. Here they indicated that they wanted to keep going for as long as possible, but felt it was no longer viable, or safe for their teams to travel into work every day. So…. What’s next? No more burgers for their guests? Well they’ve created a Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun, through the butcher HG Walter their guests can order their ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger or the ‘Smokey Robinson’.

We love all the collaborations and inspiration we spot at this moment. This is one that we think might be used by restaurants and fast food chains in collaboration with their suppliers! And you have to admit the result of a kind of DIY kit with the right ingredients must be more tasteful than a burger ordered in….  lees verder

What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration March 27


Our perspective on the world has completely changed during the past couple of weeks, a true paradigm shift! At this very moment it’s important to constantly fact check all the news about the Coronavirus, a lot of fake and scary news has been spotted at the social media. For example at a website in the U.S. we came across a question whether or not food could be a source of the virus. Fortunately they also gave the official answer of the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Protection) but please don’t believe strange advices!

We also spotted a lot of positive inspiration. So, we want to show you some small positive gestures and inspiration during these anxious times.
Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Very positive news is that we see a lot of people unite and not only in the health care. We even spotted an online game in which gamers can help the university of Washington’s Center for Game Science to create a medicine.

In France the Accor Group, a hotel chain, opened the CEDA (Coronavirus Emergency Desk Accor) telephone helpdesk. They help to accommodate homeless people trough France in conjunction with the government.

We spot a lot of positive initiatives by restaurants, like for example #JREwhatsinthefridge and other ones to keep in touch with their guests. In the Netherlands, one of our chefs with two Michelin stars started a video making a delicious daily meal. And many more individuals give tutorials, which made us laugh is the reaction of a famous chef in an Instagram story: “After two days in quarantine and watching many cooking videos, I understand why so many of you come to restaurants” 😉

In most languages there is a saying like ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but if you’re very rich you can buy a ‘Covid-19 themed exclusive package’ at Le Bijou Hotels & Resorts in Switzerland. But if you’re entertaining your kids at home, you could make them happy with a ‘toilet paper’ cake!

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Trends we spotted | Week 12


  • trends we spotted this week

Our perspective on the world has completely changed in the past week, what a paradigm shift! I personally thought that we would no longer post trends and inspiration on Horecatrends. It seems of no importance right now but we also spotted a lot of positive inspiration. So, we have written a ‘trends we spotted this week’ with small positive gestures and inspiration in these anxious times.
Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Marjolein van Spronsen

This week, among other links to articles about a hand wash tutorial by Gordon Ramsey and the Cheese trucks of the London based The Cheese Bar.

McDonald’s in the U.S. and Canada are considering rent deferrals for its franchisees and Uber Eats is introducing a new support package that includes a waiving of delivery fees on all orders from independent restaurants across U.S. & Canada and dedicated marketing campaigns.

And an article at Eater about what restaurants need right now to actually survive in the USA. Here in the Netherlands, the government is taking all the necessary measures at this moment and even banks are helping. We wish all restaurant owners worldwide will be able to find a way to stay in business.

Chipotle tackles social distancing with virtual hangouts on Zoom, interesting inspiration if you try to reach young people. And upscale restaurant Canlis in Seattle finds new business model in the Covid-19 crisis.

In the Netherlands we spotted free e-learning programs for people working in the hospitality industry and many restaurants offer gift vouchers with benefits. One of them doesn’t give vouchers but gift plates!

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First edition of the Gin & Rum Festival in the Netherlands


  • Gin & Rum festival
  • Gin & Rum festival
  • Gin & Rum festival

First edition of the Gin & Rum Festival at seven different locations throughout the Netherlands. Unlimited tasting of more than 100 different gin and rum brands. From the Piña Colada to the now indispensable Gin & Tonic. At the first edition of the Gin & Rum Festival everything revolves around these two distillates. Seven Dutch cities are taking part in the new festival this year and each location will be transformed into a true gin & rum paradise. Upon arrival, gourmets receive a full-fledged tasting glass with which they can taste more than 100 different types of gin and rum unlimited at the stands of well-known and emerging new brands. In addition to these tastings, visitors gain knowledge during substantive workshops, make their own cocktails and dance on fine tunes in the silent disco. Smell, taste and enjoy while being inspired by the stories of passionate distillers and bartenders.

This festival makes it possible to try the tastiest gins and rums with your friends at various unique locations in the Netherlands. Do not miss it!

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Trends we spotted | Week 8


  • trends we spotted this week

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about the Crystal Clear Bread Challenge, cheese made from cauliflower and Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

 Burger King New Zealand released a sandwich with just French Fries and at the New York Fashion Week Croc’s latest collaboration has been released: Crocs clogs for KFC fans!

 KFC China created ‘pocket franchises’ via Wechat, a virtual franchise system to engage customers and encourage people to order from the restaurant. And the Travalyst coalition announces the development of new sustainability frameworks to help travellers to find sustainable travel and tourism options.

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Gacha Gacha Coffee | A do-it-yourself coffeeshop by Maruyama Coffee


A do-it-yourself coffeeshop, created by Nendo Design Studio for Maruyama Coffee In Japan. Although already closed it’s been an introduction to a coffeeshop that didn’t require many staff members. Nendo Design Studio created the almost fully-automated café called Gacha Gacha Coffee. The experience was inspired by Gachapon, a capsule toy vending machines that’s popular in Japan. The pop-up from October till November 2019, located in the observation deck of Roppongi Hills, featured 12 vending machines. At these machines consumers could purchase a capsule filled with coffee beans for ¥500 (USD 4.50). As from that the consumer had to take the coffee to semi-automated stations to brew it themselves. Staff only had to give information and clean up!

The idea behind Gacha Gacha Coffee is to create a coffee experience that makes you choose your beans, take time to watch it brewed and maybe even talk about coffee with a barista and of course enjoy the view at the observation deck! But as Trendwatching (we spotted Gacha Gacha Coffee in their ‘Innovation of the day’-trendletter) indicates it’s a great example on how you can use automation to face labour shortage, which we’re facing in the Netherlands as well.

lees verder | Twenty epic unique places to stay to kick start 2020 New Year’s resolutions


  • the 'Practice Self Care Room'
  • the 'Snap Your Best Shot Room'
  • the 'Snap Your Best Shot Room'
  • the 'Unplug Room'
  • the 'Recommit To Romance Room'
  • the 'Read More Room'
  • the 'Learn To Dance Room'
  • the 'Learn To Code Room'
  • the 'Become Financially Savvy Room'
  • the 'Be More Adventurous Room'

This holiday season,, the global travel leader with a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, is encouraging consumers to book a trip to help kick start 2020 New Year’s resolutions. In an effort to offer inspiration, is custom designing 20 incredible experiences available for guest bookings, with each “Resolution Suite” themed to align with 20 of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2020. has encouraged consumers to #BookYourResolution to help them come true.

Great marketing campaign by Unfortunately only available in the US and hopefully the lucky ones that had the opportunity to stay in one of their resolutions suites are probably even more motivated to have their resolution come true! The suites were available for 2 nights as from January 17th! It might be a great 2021 New Year’s resolution for to create a likewise campaign in Europe, preferably in Amsterdam!

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Trends we spotted | Week 3


  • trends we spotted this week

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Selfridges that has a café with an adult-sized slide in its window and about Lets Golf!, they transformed the city of Groningen into a minigolf park.

During the Hotelnacht (the hotel night) 2020 in Amsterdam (the 18th of January) you can participate at Taiko Bar’s Asian Karaoke Night at the Conservatorium hotel. Or visit the Pulitzer x Lindt during the Hotelnacht 2020. They’re creating a chocolate heaven!

In December the first vegan cheese shop opened in Amsterdam and in London a pop-up cheese-themed hotel will open! An idea by Café Rouge.

Le Prestine in Antwerp, the new restaurant for Sergio Herman is looking for staff, they will open this April. Also a link to ‘The Jungle Bubble by Anantara’ in Thailand, watching elephants from your bed and bubble! And inspiration for a children’ playground from Beijing, the Baoyan Park Children’s Entertainment Park. 

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Collabs & Crossovers


Enjoy the blog by our colleague Niek Timmermans from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultants. He blogs about the trendy collabs & crossovers, how hip and popular are they in 2019?

Earlier this year, Leonie van Spronsen wrote a blog about crossovers, how she felt 2019 could have been the year of crossovers. She kicked it off with an example of the Emmy Cheeseburger Dumplings of Mimi Chengs in New York. Two hospitality entrepreneur comrades that created a dish out of their individual bestsellers. We also have an example of this in the Netherlands, the Taiko X FEBO authentic FEBO snack wall in Tunes bar with limited-edition langoustine frikandels and Wagyu burgers specially created by chef Schilo van Coevorden.

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