Build your own pop-up restaurant


Soullmate pop up furniture offers every catering entrepreneur or enthusiastic home cook the opportunity to open their own pop-up restaurant for one day or longer. Without having to invest in a kitchen or furniture.

Build your own pop-up restaurant with the Soullmate Event Truck

The trailer of the truck is filled with a complete restaurant for at least 60 people. This consists of seating and a professional outdoor kitchen. The idea behind the seating is based on old fruit boxes, with Sit & Heat, an energy efficient outdoor heater in the form of a cushion providing warmth and comfort. The trailer optionally provides the ability to be used as a stage.

Do you like to show your cooking skills or culinary art to people in other parts of your country? This truck will be easy to use as handy pop-up location! You can quickly calculate how many guests you have to welcome to earn enough: the truck has 60 seats and the rent will be € 1.750,= a day. Great to use at festivals or company parties as well!

Pop-up hotelroom ‘Scandic To Go’


Hotel guests in Sweden can now have their hotel room delivered anywhere in the Nordic region. Prospective guests of  ‘Scandic To Go’ can apply to have a room, complete with air-conditioning, shower, Wifi and breakfast, moved to their favourite location.

Pop-up hotelroom

Instead of picking a location and then try to find a hotel nearby, the service lets guests select the exact location of their hotel room. The Nordic hospitality chain has built a special 18m2 mobile hotel room complete with two beds, bathroom and a terrace area for enjoying the sights of the chosen destination. And it even includes a breakfast each morning. The ‘Scandic To Go’ is of course kind of a mobile home. It has already been placed at the beach in the South and in central Stockholm.

Scandic To Go

Scandic To Go is part of the Scandic Hotels, they even offer you the opportunity to win a night at your favorite Nordic spot. The only thing you have to do, is snap a photo of that place, share it on Instagram and tag it #scandictogo and explain why you want to enjoy the #scandictogo experience there.

In-store performance at the Coffeecompany


  • Coffeecompany Curtis Harding
  • Coffeecompany Curtis Harding

The American soul artist Curtis Harding will have an in-store performance at the Coffeecompany in Amsterdam on Sunday 23 November. Record company Epitaph / Anti-Europe joins forces with the coffee chain that provides it’s visitors a soulful afternoon and the artist gets extra publicity.

In-store performance

In addition to his club tour in the Netherlands Curtis Harding will perform exclusively at the Coffeecompany on the Oosterdokskade in Amsterdam. An old tradition of in-store performances is hereby revived by the Coffeecompany and record label Epitaph / Anti-Europe. Various performances by Pete Philly & Perquisite and Michael Franti took place at branches of the coffee chain from 2005 to 2009.

Keep on shining

The in-store performance will take place from 15.00 o’clock and is free of charge. Later that evening Curtis Harding will perform at the Paradiso. The last few weeks the popularity of Curtis Harding rocketed sky high with ‘Keep on shining’ being nominated as tip song at various radio stations, so we expect the event will attract quite a lot of fans.

Essential: a marketing campaign should score locally


  • street diner het schellinkjeBy Daan Prest
  • street diner het schellinkje

In response to the article of the national marketing campaign, ‘Street Dine’ of the JRE (Jeune Restaurateurs d’Europe) in the Netherlands, Mr. Jan Vrielink, owner of, among others, the restaurant ‘Het Schellinkje’ in Meppel drew our attention to his campaign ‘Street-Dining’ organized in 2012 and 2013. As his restaurant is located outside the direct city center of Meppel he surprised shoppers with a prepared table, a glass of wine and an appetizer. A good example of what we want to achieve with (Hotel, Restaurant, Café trends): entrepreneurs who inspire each other to perform their own marketing campaign, adjusted to the capabilities of the organization and location. Most important is; the effect should be locally measurable! The action and the publicity in the local newspaper and on social media should inspire guests to come dine at your place. Learn how the employees of ‘Het Schellinkje’ have performed the campaign and the reactions from their ‘guests’…

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JRE Streetdine


  • HT basiliek 3JRE actie Basiliek
  • JRE actie Tante KeeJRE actie Tante Kee
  • JRE actie Vrienden Van JacobJRE actie Vrienden Van Jacob
  • HT mijn keuken3JRE actie Mijn Keuken
  • JRE Actie SpettersJRE Actie Spetters
  • HT bretelli 1JRE actie Bretelli

Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) organized a surprise campaign ‘JRE Streetdine’ on 13 September. All 28 Dutch restaurants affiliated with JRE went to unique locations and served culinary delights to passers-by. Some people were even invited to take place at a set table for a culinary flash lunch. Chairman Rik Jansma, of restaurant Basiliek in Harderwijk, hopes this initiative will encourage potential new guests to visit the restaurants. Check out the pictures for an impression of this ludic action.

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Pop-up coffee bar Black Box in Ghent


  • Pop-up koffiebar Black Box in Gent
  • Pop-up koffiebar Black Box in Gent
  • Pop-up koffiebar Black Box in Gent
  • Pop-up koffiebar Black Box in Gent
  • Pop-up koffiebar Black Box in Gent

Pop-up coffee bar

A work-out followed by an artisanal cup of coffee. This is possible in the pop-up coffee shop Black Box in the Belgian city of Ghent. The specialty coffee bar is located in a garage box of CrossFit Gent, a gym focused on the new form of fitness, CrossFit. As from 4 September Barista Yf Feller serves freshly made coffees, for a month.

Bullet proof coffee

A special coffee on the menu is the ‘bullet proof coffee’. This is a creamy coffee made from butter from grass-fed cows, coconut oil and French coffee, what gives a boost, both physically and mentally.
For people who don’t like coffee, various activities are organized on location as well. For examples, a second-hand clothing market and an indoor picnic.


A special aspect of Black Box is that there’s no pricelist available. Guests give a contribution and are allowed to choose what they think is fair to pay. Black Box is an example of a ‘pay as you wish’ concept which we may years ago in Vienna, Der Wiener Deewan. The system from ‘Pay as you wish’ is used for charity as well, like we spotted in 2007 at restaurant Trien in HerpenTrust is a more recent example that opened in Amsterdam last year.

How do you apply trends as entrepreneur in the hospitality industry?


  • Hoe gebruik je trends als horecaondernemer?

First of all, when talking about trends you need to realize that many different concepts are being named trends these days. However, there is a big difference between trends, hypes and inspiration. For example, we call our website but mostly offer inspiration based on red threads in international trends. Real trends take their time in the adoption curve. If you look at the adoption curve of for example sustainability, you’ll see that it has been coming up for 15 to 20 years already and now it is mainstream, thus this is a trend. Hypes however usually stick around with the innovators and early adopters.

The usual development of a trend is that it begins with a very small portion of the population. Logically entrepreneurs are drawn to new trends since they are always looking for new success. They are constantly scared to miss out and fail in their business endeavours, yet specifically as an entrepreneur it is important that you keep on living your own dream and take care that you do not jump on every trend or hype that comes along.

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Restival is looking for crowdfunding


Restival is a festival build out of the remnants of other festivals. Restival tries to collect as many of the usable product of other festivals such as food and drinks, but also building materials and decorations. After two successful editions in 2012 and 2013 the organizers of Restival are busy with collecting products and material for de third edition at the ‘Flevoparkbad’ in Amsterdam. Despite the enthusiasm of the visitors, volunteers, partners and the press, it did not resolve in enough financial guaranties. For this reason organizer Maarten Aland tries to collect € 20.000 before 1 September through crowd funding. The only thing people have to do is to buy their ticket (€ 15,-) and consumption card before the end of the month via Of course are donations welcome as well.

Float-in movie: watching movies from the water


  • drijf-in movie bij het Theehuis Grou

A float-in movie; instead of watching a movie in a theatre or at home, watch it from a floatable platform or boat. Events like this were organized by different organizations before, but this summer restaurant ‘Het Theehuis’ introduced the initiative in the hospitality industry. ‘Het Theehuis’ is located next to a lake in the touristic Grou, what makes it a unique location to organize a float-in movie. The guests can watch the movie from their own boat, the VIP lounge (a floating platform) and the spacious patio. Snacks and drinks are served during the movie as well.

‘BankjesCollectief’: worlds largest outdoor café


  • BankjesCollectief 1
  • BankjesCollectief 2
  • BankjesCollectief 3

‘BankjesCollectief’ is the largest outdoor café in the world. Every first Sunday of the month, people open up a bench for friends, family and neighbors. The owners of the benches decide what they serve, but also what the activity they organize. Examples of these activities are reading to toddlers in the library, a sidewalk chalk spectacle and pie eating. The visitors of the benches decide what the experience is worth when it’s finished. ‘BankjesCollectief’ is a great and relaxing way to meet your neighbors. The next edition is on 7 September but it only takes place in the Netherlands for now..

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