A cloud of alcoholic cocktails!


Bompas & Parr’s ‘alcoholic architecture’ is a pop-up cocktail bar in London’s famous ‘foodie centre’, the Borough Market. In this bar visitors can literally stand in a cloud of alcoholic cocktails.

Bompas & Parr’s pop-up

Up to and including January 2016 Bompas & Parr’s ‘alcoholic archtecture’ will be open for visitors in the Borough Market. In an enclosed area, the air is moistened with a mixture of spirits. Examples of the ‘served’ drinks are the liqueurs Chartreuse and Benedictine, a Trappist beer and fortified alcoholic wine, the notorious Buckfast.

Cloud of alcoholic cocktails

Visitors have to get in a rain suit at the entrance, and then they literally step into a cloud of alcoholic cocktails. The alcohol will be absorbed into the body through the lungs and eyes. This is exactly the reason for the signs ‘breathe responsibly’. The bar is only accessible for 18 years and older.

‘British Museum of Food’ (BMoF)

In the same building as the pop-up store ‘The British Museum of Food’ will be open for visitors from 21 October. This museum will be world’s first cultural institution which is entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and the art of food. Some of the museum pieces are: The world’s fastest cheese trolley (from 0 to 62 mph in 6.6 seconds), the first space coffee (brought to 37 km altitude and back) and the first barbecue on 2.100 °C melted lava.

Co-creation around new concepts


  • Buitenplaats Amerongen
  • Dick Middelweerd
  • Buitenplaats Amerongen

Dick Middelweerd, chef of restaurant Treeswijkhoeve (** by Michelin), has great plans for the coming weeks. From 16 October up to 25 October you can enjoy his culinary talent during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven as at 10 November he will cook at a pop-up restaurant at Buitenplaats Amerongen.

Allegory of the South

In the iconic Augustine Church, in the heart of Eindhoven, major entrepreneurs from the region join their traditional knowledge for the ‘Allegory of the South‘. Atelier van Asseldonk will realize a complete installation, based on a twenty meter long table. The company Oogenlust will decorate the church, supported by master builder Bruns. The nave of the Augustine Church transforms at night into a dining room, where Dick Middelweerd will offer a special menu for the occasion. Guests will toast with Beerze Beer from the region. This initiative is open to visitors during the Dutch Design Week from 16 to 25 October.

Pop-up restaurant at Buitenplaats Amerongen

On 10 November Dick Middelweerd and his team will serve a one-time pop-up five-course dinner at the historic venue ‘Buitenplaats Amerongen’. They will make some of his famous local signature dishes, like his ‘Worstenbrood’ (Meatbread), the smoked salmon (on cedar) in a humidor and ‘prol’. Location is the recently renovated coach house of the historic ‘Buitenplaats Amerongen’. Besides cooking Dick Middelweerd will take care of the music as DJ at the after party!

Co-creation around new concepts

The pop-up restaurant at the historic venue ‘Buitenplaats Amerongen’ is an initiative of entrepreneurs from Amerongen, Peter-Paul Swijnenburg of Buitenplaats Amerongen and Nico Donkelaar from the Olive Oil Shop, who already successfully brought two star chef Edwin Vinke to Amerongen. They combine a wonderful evening to enjoy the dishes of a famous chef with an after party to take the feet from the floor.

The ‘Allegory of the South’ will be a great addition to the Dutch Design Week because of the co-creation of all parties. Check out their video.

Virtual Reality pop-up cinema in Amsterdam


&samhoud Consultancy brings the first Virtual Reality pop-up cinema to Amsterdam. The technology of virtual reality will be shown at their office on 31 October.

Virtual Reality pop-up cinema

In this pop-up cinema in the office of &samhoud Consultancy you will be centered in the middle of a movie with the help of the virtual reality glasses and headphones. The technique of virtual reality will be applied on a large scale for the first time in the Netherlands, in this pop-up cinema. Tickets will be 10 euros and can be purchased through a dedicated Facebook page. Jip Samhoud tells more about developments in Virtual Reality worldwide in an article in a Dutch Newspaper, het Parool. He thinks that the initial hype in virtual reality is over and that virtual reality will increasingly integrate. He also admits that the movie they will show, is especially made to show the effects of virtual reality. A big challenge for film producers to create new movies! The video above shows how to use the virtual reality glasses.

Build peace while eating at the Conflict Café


The pop-up Conflict Café brings people together over a meal in London. It’s part of the second ‘Talking Peace Festival’ which is taking place in London from 3 September to 3 October 2015.

The Conflict Café is organized for the second time by the NGO International Alert. The café serves food from the areas where it runs peace-building projects, like Syria, Nepal, Colombia, Armenia and Turkey. The pop-up café has one goal, showing that good food can help to resolve international conflicts.

The Conflict Café

The café is near Waterloo station in London. In the article in the Independent, Charlotte Onslow, who works for International Alert, explains how it works. “We want to make sure you don’t talk only to the person you came with, so we have long tables and materials on them that generate questions; there will be specialists who explain a bit about the conflicts.” Different chefs with ties to specific kitchens from these areas, will be cooking in the Conflict Café.

The Talking Peace Festival

The festival, which coincides with the UN’s International Day of Peace on 21 September, will bring together art, food, photography, talks, comedy, music and technology to showcase the power of words and creativity in resolving conflicts. This year’s festival theme focuses on ‘peace in our cities’, and will look at the new challenges that urbanisation poses to peace. This goes from organised crime to civil unrest, and identifying possible solutions. There are Peace Talks panel discussions on 21 September. There will be an ART4PEACE program with an exhibition and auction of urban and street art by leading international talent. A ‘music strand’ is introduced this year, with internationally acclaimed musicians coming together in a unique online creative collaboration.


In 2010 we already spotted the Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh, which serves food from countries with which the United States is in conflict with. With all the refugees coming to Europe at this moment why not create more understanding over a great meal? Please #steelmyidea! ^Marjolein van Spronsen.

The Vega Pop-up restaurant will be in Rotterdam in October


From the first of October the Vega Pop-up restaurant will serve exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes in their pop-up restaurant in Rotterdam for five days per week (Wednesday/Sunday). They will be in the ‘Westelijk Handelsterrein’ in Rotterdam for the entire month of October.

Why a Vega Pop-up restaurant?

Earlier we wrote about the initiative of, amongst others, Friedjof Kempenaar. They want to show the people in the Netherlands that the vegetarian kitchen is already far beyond the ‘Birkenstock’-image. They serve various small dishes to choose from the menu but you can also opt for a full evening menu. The dishes are served in the size of a ‘side dish’ so that you can taste even more … The wine list is vegan as well, which means that the wines are not filtered with the use of animal products.

Improve the image of the vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Vega Pop-up responds to the lack of good, but especially modern, vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Netherlands. Through a variety of campaigns and food scandals, more and more people start eating ‘mindfully’ and sometimes even make the choice to eat vegetarian or vegan. At most restaurants the choice for these people is still poor. The Vega Pop-up is serving a trendy choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes and is having a cocktail bar and a DJ until the early hours on Friday and Saturday.

Royal De Ruijter opens pop-up sandwich restaurant in the Netherlands


Royal De Ruijter opened its first sandwich restaurant in the Netherlands. In the 9 Streets district of Amsterdam, restaurant Struisvogel temporarily transformed into a cozy breakfast and lunch restaurant. The sandwiches restaurant is dedicated to special sandwiches and pastries. Guests can use various sandwich spread products of Royal de Ruijter to create their ultimate sandwich.

Two kinds of spreads

The reason for opening the pop-up sandwich restaurant is a recent research showing that most Dutch people eat a lot of bread, but vary only little with two types of spreads. Moreover, the sandwiches are routinely eaten in fifteen minutes according to the research. This while variety and attention are really important in enjoying food. Despite the popularity of the sandwich, it does not get the attention it deserves. With the restaurant Royal De Ruijter wants to change this and inspire people to make sandwiches special again.

Pay with #broodjebijzonder at sandwich restaurant

The sandwich restaurant in restaurant Struisvogel runs for one week from Friday 4 September onwards and is open between 9:00 and 14:00. Anyone can walk in from 9.00 am onwards for a creative selfmade sandwich until 10 September. Fresh bread, fruit and Royal De Ruijter products like Vlokfeest (chocolate flakes), aniseed sprinkles, Fruit- and Strawberry-Raspberry sprinkles, ‘Gestampte muisjes’ (crushed aniseed sprinkles) and Bebogeen are yours to use. There is no menu and no price list. Guests pay by sharing a photo of the creation on social media with #broodjebijzonder.

Bulletproof coffee and FATwater


Bulletproof Coffee is a branded coffee drink consisting of “Upgraded” black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and “Brain Octane oil” (coconut oil). The drink is supposed to boost cognitive performance and has opened a stand-alone bulletproof café in Los Angeles last year. FATwater also contains coconut oil extracts and water, a new product from the same Bulletproof company.

Bulletproof coffee

We already spotted the drink while writing an article back in September 2014 about the pop-up coffeebar in the black box in Ghent (Belgium). The pop-up coffeebar was part of CrossFit Ghent. The original recipe of Dave Asprey is created in 2009 and is originally based on the Yak-butter tea from Tibet. The coffee consists of a special coffee, butter from grass fed cows and a special kind of coconut oil. Just blend these 3 elements and you’ll have your Bulletproof coffee.

Dave Asprey now sells his own ‘Upgraded’ black coffee and the ‘Brain Octane Oil’ (an 8-carbon fraction of medium-chain triglyceride oil). Dave Asprey even claims that the drink will have you lose weight. The drink is very popular amongst sportspeople and entrepreneurs. Although we have read a couple of reviews which say that there is no scientific base for the claims and some people have been drinking so many Bulletproof coffees that their cholesterol level increased! Last year the Bulletproof coffee got a lot attention on shows like Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, like the above video shows. Here a link to another video showing Dave Asprey making a Bulletproof coffee. 


At the website of PSFK we read that from the makers of Bulletproof coffee also comes FATwater. Another drink laced with coconut oil extracts and a punch of energy. The statement of Bulletproof Coffee about their new product: “Experience clean-burning fuel from fat instead of sugar. Using patented nano-fusion™ technology, FATwater concentrate is an emulsion of Bulletproof® XCT™ Oil and purified water, ready to be stirred into water or beverage of your choice.”


When and where can we drink Bulletproof Coffee and FATwater in Europe? Wouldn’t it be great to be the coffee company that introduces these drinks in Europe? Would you try one?

Buiten Adem: A sports festival for adults that leaves you breathless


The Buiten Adem festival (translated Breathless Festival) is a sports festival for adults in Park Transwijk Utrecht on 29 August.

Breathless at a sports festival

There are many festivals this summer, at outdoor locations the weather plays a significant role and one weekend excluded, this is a perfect festival summer so far. All the festivals do their very best to be distinctive, but a handful are another league. Sometimes they literally jump across boundaries, with Jumping Fitness on the line-up for example!

New sports

The festival offers challenging new sports and workouts like XCORE and BRN, CrossXVest, Slackline, Jumping Fitness, High Intensity Impact Training (HIIT), but also good old favorites like yoga, boot camp, kickboxing, power lifting and hula hoop are part of the program as well. The day is filled with music from the emerging DJ’s La Fuente, Tim Hoeben and The Bear is Square.

Healthy eating and drinking (and a beer after the exercises)

Buiten Adem festival is a kind of sports day for adults, where alcohol is only allowed from 17.00 o’clock. The rest of the day there are plenty healthy snacks and juices from Grizzl, Sla-Gerei and the Aloha juice truck.

Earlier, we wrote about the sold out inflatables festival taking place in Amsterdam at the same weekend, that will be a sporty weekend!

Unrecognizable 1RDJ plays one track and flies away


It sounds bizarre. A DJ who will fly on stage with a jet- pack, plays one track and then runs off again. Then you probably haven’t heard of 1RDJ yet.


By spinning a few tracks from other producers you won’t make it as a DJ anymore. Basically all DJ’s produce tracks and scream for attention with crazy gimmicks like throwing cakes (Steve Aoki), wearing a large mouse mask (deadmau5) or robot masks (DaftPunk). Now a new phenomenon can be added to that list. A DJ / producer who is unrecognizable flies on stage at a festival with a jet pack, plays one track and then disappears. On the Facebook page of 1RDJ and on his clothes there is a clearly recognizable reference to the beer brand Bavaria. This might be a winning ‘summer 2015’ formula for the brand and the artist.

Spinnin’ records

The first track by 1RDJ is called ‘First’ and is quite catchy. The single is released by Spinnin’ records from Hilversum, one of the major dance labels in the world.

Pop-up power food restaurant with popular writer Rens Kroes


  • © Lisa Galesloot

For lovers of healthy and delicious food the popular writer Rens Kroes is a true hero. She is no longer ‘the little sister’, the Friesian has built her own health empire.
The second book of Rens Kroes ‘Power Food – From Friesland to New York’, was launched mid-June. In a sold out pop-up restaurant, guests could enjoy a very healthy dinner with dishes from her new book.

First pop up

Rens personally welcomed herthe guests, and had a culinary contribution to the diner as well, supported by a team of chefs. It was the first time that Rens presented her dishes to the public this way and all guests received a copy of the new book to take home. With two dinners and one lunch, a total of 135 guests could enjoying the food. That’s only a fraction of the 72.000 Facebook fans, 17.600 followers on Twitter and 223.000 followers (!) on Instagram and thus screaming for more events like these!

Friesland to New York

Rens was inspired by what she has seen, tasted and learned in Friesland and New York. She uses fresh, pure ingredients, and makes tasty dishes with nice combinations of spices. For every moment of the day Rens offers delicious and original, easy recipes. In daily life Rens is a nutrition coach and advises people in adapting a healthy lifestyle and diet.


Rens’ pop-up restaurant is made possible by Sien Concepts and sponsored by Amsterdam Flavours, Vedett, Bountiful, Arisz et al, Lemonaid – Charitea, V2Cgin, Bowls and Dishes, Catchii and Bloomon.

Inspiration: food blogger evening

For restaurants, it is interesting to consider a special evening with a popular food blogger or writer, it will amaze you how many loyal fans are waiting for events like these!

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