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We have written about blue tea before, in 2019, about the tea of Crusio tea. By using the blossom of the Butterfly Pea, the tea will naturally turn blue. The same tea can be used to cook rice, and you will have an Instragram hit #Bluerice! We tried it at home and although it didn’t alter the taste much, it was a bit unnatural colour for rice. We can already see some applications like blue rice porridgeblue rice pudding and of course blue pasta. Some lemon in the tea and you’ll have purple tea or rice and pastaBy the way if you search for #bluerice you will also spot blue sushi, or rainbow sushi! We didn’t check if this is made all naturally. 

Click the following links to see some posts about blue rice, including one recipe. 

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Trends we spotted | Week 8


  • trends we spotted this week

At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

Great images of the food and interior of restaurant Condividere, the informal haute cuisine by Ferran Adrià and London is embracing the power of the pedestrian once again this summer! Westminster City Council have elected to repeat last year’s plan to turn swathes of the capital into outdoor dining and drinking spots.

McDonald’s revealed a global packaging redesign and we spotted a new sustainable, delivery app aiming to revolutionize restaurant takeout packaging, JYBE. 

Top Tier Foods (TTF) in Canada is going to roll out a vegan version of wagyu beef, called ‘Waygu’, at 4000 sushi locations. And Nestle plans to produce rice-based KitKat, the KitKat V.

AiFi, an expert in frictionless autonomous shopping, will partner with Wundermart to roll out 20 autonomous convenience stores in the first quarter of 2021.

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Mountain Tap Brewery is offering COVID-19 proof dining in gondola’s this winter


  • Mountain Tap Brewery
  • Mountain Tap Brewery
  • Mountain Tap Brewery
  • Mountain Tap Brewery
  • Mountain Tap Brewery

During the first lockdown we had the first restaurant in the Netherland to serve food corona proof in small greenhouses for 2 personsWhich was a great choice as we have a lot of big greenhouses all over the Netherlands. It has been used in several sizes and at different locations in the Netherlands. As are the dining pods which are used as hotel rooms or as small private dining booths during winter time and which are also corona proof. Now we spotted Mountain Tap Brewery, located in the mountain ski resort town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where winter low temperatures often reach below freezing and snow piles up by the feet. Faced with the likelihood of extremely limited capacity for indoor seating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mountain Tap Brewery brainstormed a creative use of its spacious patio to accommodate winter guests. In the autumn of 2020, the brewpub transformed several out-of-use gondola cars into private seating booths and installed them on the patio. It might be an idea for all the restaurants located in ski resorts in Europe as well. We have been spotting gondel sauna’s and in 2009 we wrote an article about world’s smallest restaurant the Genussgondel in Fiss, Austria where you could enjoy dinner in a gondola lift. With a maximum four people, you enjoyed a three course dinner with a spectacular view over the Tyrolean mountains. When I started skiing in the seventy’s, the first lifts we used were open ‘bins in Italythose could be used outside by après ski bars to keep social distance! 😉  ^Marjolein 

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French chef Cyril Lignac will be the new chef of the restaurant at the Amstel Hotel


  • The Amstel InterContintental Hotel

And we will make a reservation when it is possible! For everyone who has eaten at one of his restaurants in Paris, chef Cyril Lignac opens at the beginning of 2022 at the legendary Amstel Hotel! We have enjoyed our diners in his restaurant Le Chardenoux and Aux Prés, but he has three other restaurants called Ischia, Le Bar des Prés and Dragon. It is great to hear that this new chef will open a new culinary hotspot in Amsterdam, although we have enjoyed the switch of the kitchen of the restaurant at the Amstel Hotel to more simple and comfort dishes.

The restaurant at the legendary Amstel Hotel, owned by Katara Hospitality and managed by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, becomes the first restaurant of the French celebrity chef, tv-star and author outside France. The restaurant, which is scheduled to open in 2022, will be based on Lignac’s successful formula in Paris.

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Écotable | An online platform which identifies, rates and promotes sustainable restaurants in France


  • GINKGO in Marseille at écotable
  • le café des Images in Herouville Saint Clair sur écotable
  • photo Arthur Pequin at écotable
  • Rija La Mirande in Avignon at écotable
  • Rija Le Panier De Sebastien in Marseille at écotable

For those longing to travel to France this summer, there is a new online platform which identifies, rates and promotes sustainable restaurants in France; Écotable. With the motto: ‘Bien dans mon assiette, bien sur ma planète’ is Écotable a new guide for those who value a more sustainable way of dining out. The French startup, founded back in January 2019, is the platform to check if you want to dine out as sustainable if possible!

De Groene Ster (the green star) is a Dutch foundation comparable to Ecotable. By awarding ‘green stars’, the initiators hope to encourage the hospitality industry to make their business processes more sustainable, economically, ecologically and socially. This is not only beneficial for the industry itself, but as well for the Dutch who are looking for the most sustainable restaurant options in the region. lees verder

BURGER KING France | We’re keeping French farmers feeling chipper


In order to support the French potatoes farmers who can no longer sell their production because they don’t have the restaurants to sell them to, BURGER KING® decided to lend them a hand. They bought 200 extra tonnes of potatoes which they have been giving away as from February 2nd. Each visit to a drive-thru gave customers one kilo bag of potatoes. At the website of BURGER KING France 3 recipes for those who don’t know what to do with them…. Like the recipe for ‘la galette du king’.

A positive buzz created by Parisian agency Buzzman for BURGER KING. The potatoes were available in all BURGER KING drive-thru’s in France. Might this be an idea for your country? 

Trends we spotted | Week 6


  • trends we spotted this week

At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week, links to articles about amongst others about a signal-blocking butter dish for better phone habits. Interesting for on your dinner table after the COVID-19 crisis, we have been digital way too long! And a link to a ‘how to make’ Charcuterie and cheese bouquet.

Last week a M&M’S experience store opened at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and we love collaborations like this one: Philadelphia’s Down North Pizza has launched ‘A Match Made In Philly’, featuring limited-edition pizza’s created by some of Philadelphia’s culinary stars.

Sustainable initiatives: #slaughterhouse waste products turned into bioplastic packaging and 2 companies are testing real-time digital labels that would detect spoiled food and thus reduce waste.

Two of America’s largest fast food chains, McDonald’s and Burger King, have announced new loyalty programs. Interesting to read! And what do you think, will there be more robots in the hospitality industry after COVID-19? We spotted another one, Robot ‘Jeeves’ in the Radisson Blu at Zürich Airport.

As of March 16th, children can watch the new show by Michelle Obama on Netflix. ‘Waffles + Mochi,’ is a culinary show that will teach them food related wisdom! And in Germany schools can create classes in the conference rooms of the Best Western Hotel Group.

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Restaurant BINGO | S.Pellegrino created a new dining Challenge to support restaurants


Unfortunately the Restaurant Bingo (“Program”) is only open only to legal U.S. residents, who are 18 years or older and they need to have an Instagram account.  But it might be inspiration for other companies that have a big heart for the hospitality industry in Europe!

S.Pellegrino’s Restaurant BINGO gamifies food cravings to benefit the James Beard Foundation’s Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans.  S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and Netflix Queer Eye’s Tan France are encouraging food lovers to support the restaurant industry alongside the James Beard Foundation with the launch of S.Pellegrino’s Restaurant BINGO. This new month-long program which started on February 12th provides fans with an easy way to support their local restaurants, simply by ordering food and participating in BINGO-style challenges. Check out the post by Tan France inviting everybody to play along in the other part of this article.

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Claridge’s handcrafted eggs return this Easter | Are you ready to create your own tradition for Easter?


  • The Claridge's Easter Egg tradition
  • The Claridge's Easter Egg of 2021

We still enjoy the thought of our delicious meal from Valentine’s Day but restaurants and hotels are already focussing on Easter. We received the first press release already before Valentine’s Day. Lets hope that restaurants are already allowed to open by April 4 within limited regulations. We love to write about trendy subjects, but some classic, annual anticipated traditions are great as well. And we hope that those mostly English traditions inspire other restaurants to create their own tradition! Check out the images of the annually-anticipated Claridge’s Easter Eggs above! Next to all their other Easter festivities their eggs delight chocolate lovers and spread some much needed joy.

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10 Valentine’s Day campaigns that will make you smile


In a year where seeing your loved ones is not evident, we have compiled a list of campaigns that will put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day. Some companies have set their creative minds to work to create products and services that put a twist to the well-known concept of Valentine’s Day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 

Take a look at our Pinterest Board to gain inspiration for next year or visit our posts ‘The Authentic London Valentine’s Day Experience’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Culinary Love in a Box or our Small gestures for Valentine’s Day for further insights and spotted trends. 

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