Win recipes for at home in the Orangerie De Pol-app


  • Chef Mark Captein - credits Karien NieuwenhuisChef Mark Captein - credits Karien Nieuwenhuis
  • Orangerie De Pol-appOrangerie De Pol-app

Restaurant Orangerie De Pol in Doetinchem has developed an app that allows guests to play games to win recipes to cook at home as well as an appetizer to enjoy in the restaurant. Participants in the game in the Orangerie De Pol app must cut as many ingredients as possible for a chance to win a reward.

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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena | Unique, European inspired recipes


  • Recipes with Balsamic Vinegar of ModenaRecipes with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Last week, in anticipation of New Year’s Eve celebrations across the globe, The Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena) shared two easy recipes featuring the European staple that are sure to infuse a bit of flair into any occasion.

Just because we love the flavour of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and we think the recipes shared by them are easy to make, we had to publish this article. If you’re ever find the possibility to buy an older (like 25 years’ old or even more) Balsamic Vinegar, please do. The taste is so special, and it really adds a great acetic sweet flavour to many dishes. Besides the two recipes of the creamy fondue and the Mary Modena, you can find a lot more recipes on their website, like the delicious balsamic raviolini in a brown butter sage sauce!

Reading time: 2 minutes and the recipes don’t take that much time either 😉

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Librije’s Atelier shares 100 unique recipes on Gastronomixs


  • GastronomixsGastronomixs

Restaurant De Librije*** in Zwolle (The Netherlands) has built up a wealth of amazing recipes and preparations during its 25 years of existence. Many of these recipes are still used on a daily basis in Librije’s Atelier, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer’s cooking studio. They believe in sharing knowledge, even outside the Atelier, and this prompted them to hold a number of photography sessions in recent months. As of today, you can find 100 of Librije Atelier’s unique components on!

‘I am delighted to make this contribution towards Gastronomixs’ ambitions to create a global platform, as sharing and conserving knowledge is vital to our profession,’ says Jonnie Boer. read more

Restaurant recipes from Amsterdam at Bilder & De Clercq


  • Bilder en De Clercq
  • Par Hasard

The restaurant recipes and ingredients from well-known Amsterdam restaurants are soon available at Bilder & De Clercq shops. From 22 January onwards the dinner-shops at the Clercqstraat and Ceintuurbaan will sell a new signature dish from a restaurant in Amsterdam. The step-by-step recipes come with the necessary ingredients measured in the right quantity.

Participating restaurants

The first three participating restaurants are Envy, Par Hasard and Americano Bar & Kitchen. The following participating restaurants that share one of their restaurant recipes are revealed after the launch. The shop creates a brilliant crossover with the Amsterdam restaurant industry and vice versa.

About Bilder & De Clercq

Bilder & De Clercq was set up by Roger Leopold and Diederik van Gelder. Both live in Amsterdam and daily had to contend with the question “what will I have for dinner tonight?”. Finding the right dishes and ingredients was a frustrating quest that they want to end for everyone with their shop.

Inspire with restaurant recipes

At the dinner-store it’s easy to get inspiration for the right dinner with 14 different dishes available, there is always plenty of choice. The right quantities are exactly measured. Each week, three new dishes are introduced and now monthly restaurant recipes with ingredients will be available as well.


Next to dinner inspiration, Bilder & De Clercq sells hand-made bread and a wide variety for breakfast, lunch and drinks as well. With a few tables and an espresso bar shoppers can enjoy a cappuccino with carrot cake while having a break.

40 interactive cheeseburger recipes


  • cheeseburger

A real cheeseburger lover or need inspiration for cheeseburger recipes? The Cheese & Burger Society offers an interactive burger menu with 40 cheeseburger recipes with beautiful and delicious pictures. The Cheese & Burger Society gives an overview of cheeseburgers made with Wisconsin Cheese. So browse through the different burger recipes! Great way to promote your cheeses, we also really enjoyed the American way of presenting the cheeseburgers. We could do the same with all our Dutch cheeses…..

Visual recipes


  • recepten

It is so easy to lose track during cooking using text-based recipes. Every time you turn around to cut some meat or add spices you need to search for the next step. Visual recipes are the solution. Visual recipes explain a recipe by images rather than text. You can follow them more easily and it is more enjoyable to look at. You can find more visual recipes at the website of Visually.

Recipes Diabetes Foundation


The Diabetes Foundation in the Netherlands has introduced a new online platform with recipes for cooking with diabetes disease. There is often a lot of confusion about what you can eat when you have diabetes. Besides that, eating healthy food is an important part of the treatment and can reduce the impact of diabetes. For theses reasons, the Diabetes Foundation created a website with recipes, cooking tips and facts about diabetes. People can also send recipes and they are checked by a dietitian and will be added with the nutritional values. It will be a platform of and for people with diabetes.

Recipes and ingredients via Chefday


Based in New York, Chefday hosts step-by-step videos of top chefs from the city – like Jehangir Mehta from Iron Chef America and Michelin-starred Chris Leahy – which are free to watch. If you decide to cook the meal yourself, you can order all the necessary ingredients to be delivered. Through a subscription option, customers will receive a recommended recipe via email every two weeks, which they can view before opting to order the ingredients, choose another recipe or skip until the following fortnight. In addition, Chefday donates one meal for every dish ordered to the Food Bank for NYC. They combine healthy recipes from well known award winning chefs with the possibility of directly buying all the ingredients. And all foodies know that can be an issue!

Mayonaise recipes on the receipt


As part of a recent ad campaign for Hellmann’s mayonaise in Brazil, recipes created to the just purchased ingredients were printed out on the store receipt. This action increased the sale of the mayonnaise to 44%.

Shazam recognizes recipes


The new commercial campaign of the American cooking channel Pillsbury allows Shazam users to scan the commercial. Hereby the viewer receives several recipes and further product information.

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