Workshop Gertjan Kiers at Julius bar & grill


  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill
  • Gertjan Kiers bij Julius bar&grill

Julius bar & grill in Amsterdam opens its doors on Sunday afternoon 6 September for a workshop with the famous butcher Gertjan Kiers of butchery ‘Fontijn Vlees en Vleeswaren BV’. This edition Gertjan Kiers debones a pork and teaches how to get the best out of it. The learnings can be tasted right back during a four-course lunch.

Pork deboned by Gertjan Kiers at Julius bar & grill

The previous workshops on beef and lamb were sold out, this edition Gertjan Kiers will elaborate about pork. In the afternoon of 6 September, Kiers debones a complete pig and provides chapter and verse. He shows how quality meat is cut, shares how a butcher knife is handled and teaches how all parts of the pig are best cooked on the barbecue.

4-course lunch

With a four-course lunch at Julius bar & grill the guests can taste back the lessons about the pork directly. There is a special wine pairing menu for the grilled meat dishes available.

About Gertjan Kiers

Gertjan Kiers is a born butcher with a clear opinion about meat and the meat industry; “Many consumers prefer convenience over taste and some butchers and chefs attach more importance to marketing rather than the product. By broadening the general knowledge about meat, the consumer gets a better piece of meat on the plate and the butcher profession gains the respect that it deserves. ”

This unique workshop will be in Dutch and can be reserved online via stating ‘workshop Gertjan Kiers’.

When: 6 September, 2015

Time: 13:00 to 16:00 pm

Game workshop by Nestlé Professional and Sligro


Nestlé Professional and Sligro put Dutch game on the menu with a wild harvesting and game workshop for chefs.

Game workshop by Nestlé Professional and Sligro

Sligro Food and Nestlé Professional have joined forces to let chefs discover the possibilities and culinary variations with Dutch wild boar. Recently eleven chefs from restaurants throughout the Netherlands got inspired during a wild harvesting workshop and wild clinic in Lingewaard. In addition, they were challenged to create combinations of wild boar and CHEF products. Game, and escpecially wild boar, gets more accessible by processing it and make for example a wild boar burger or hot dog with the meat.

Pulled Swine

“Game is the finest free-range meat there is. Guests often think that game tastes very strong, but that’s a misconception we would like to take away, “said Edwin Detering, culinary consultant at Nestlé Professional Food. “In addition, a local product such as Dutch wild boar now widely available. By putting accessible game dishes on the menu, the threshold for guests to discover new game is lowered. Think of a dish like a ‘pulled swine’ sandwich. ”

Edwin Florès

During the game clinic and wild harvesting workshop the chefs discovered the edible nature under the guidance of Edwin Florès, professional wild harvester and cookbook author. The score of the wild harvesting included wild mushrooms, fresh watercress and water mint. These were incorporated into the food from the game clinic.

Beautiful dishes from neck and shoulder

The chefs attended a deboning demonstration of a wild boar. It was explained how to prepare tasty dishes with the obsolescent parts. “The front part, including shoulder and neck, is used less frequently, but there are lovely dishes to be made of” Hein Willemsen, SVH Master Chef explains. “Through slow cooking at low temperature (sous-vide), the meat is very tender. A shoulder pad can be grilled after cooking and you can serve it with pasta and mushrooms. The neck piece can be cooked in a game sauce based on demi-glace. The taste of wild boar meat can be well combined with powerful sauces such as the CHEF red wine sauce or pepper sauce. A nice piece of meat such as a Dutch wild boar deserves to be combined with a high quality sauce or stock, like the products of the CHEF. ”

Deboning workshops

Earlier, we wrote about a deboning workshop for consumers by Gertjan Kiers at Julius Bar & Grill. A trend that we applaud to. Let us know if there are workshops like these organized in your neighbourhood or if you choose to organize one yourself.

To beef or not to beef butcher’s brunch


Top chef Erik van Loo ** serves a butcher’s brunch with three butchers at Parkheuvel in Rotterdam on 19 July.

Butcher’s Brunch

On Sunday 19 July butcher’s son Erik van Loo hosts a unique brunch with three butchers by the name of ‘To beef or not to beef’ at restaurant Parkheuvel. Herman ter Weele from Butchery ‘Ter Weele’ in Oene (GE), demo butcher Gertjan Kiers and culinary connoisseur Ernest Lebouille will join forces and will bone the meat live at the premises. They will give explanation and tell stories about the meat and boning craftmanship.

Erik van Loo

During the documentary ‘De Smaak van de Ziel (translated as ‘A Taste of the Soul’), it became clear that van Loo had much interest in meat because he is a butcher’s son. The idea for the brunch began when he got reactions about this after the documentary was premiered.

Tickets To beef or not to beef

‘To beef or not to beef’ begins on 19 July at 12:30 and lasts until 17:00. An all-inclusive brunch including drinks costs € 150, -. After the boning from head to tail by the butchers, van Loo will make ten to twelve dishes with the meat. The tickets are sold via the IENS website and there are 120 tickets available.

About IENS CarteBlanche

IENS CarteBlanche is a culinary event where a renowned chef gets the chance to perform a special concept for one day. That may be something with his favourite ingredient, something at a particular location or something completely different from what he normally does in his restaurant. The chef will at get a complete carte blanche. Unique events for food lovers!
Last year there was already a CarteBlanche at Parkheuvel, when the theme was based on the renovation of the restaurant.

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