Domino’s® Pizza and Rad Power® Bikes | E-Bike program for delivery in the US


  • Domino's Pizza delivery e-bike by Rad Power Bikes

Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, knows a thing or two about pizza delivery, including the fact that cars aren’t always the most efficient way to get hot, delicious pizzas to hungry customers. A bike is often a better solution to traffic congestion and parking challenges. Domino’s stores across the nation will soon have the option to use custom e-bikes for pizza delivery through a partnership with Rad Power® Bikes – North America’s largest e-bike brand.

Domino’s Pizza has also tested Robots for delivery but don’t you think that e-bikes are more likely to be used in the short term? In the Netherlands we spotted a couple of delivery services that use e-bikes as well.

Rad Power® Bikes is also located in the Netherlands (Utrecht) from where their team is working to build similar partnerships with European companies as well. For example, a fleet of their e-bikes are used in three European cities in a program called ELVITEN that demonstrates how electric light vehicles can improve mobility in urban areas. Below the article a video about this project that already started in cities like Bari, Genoa (both Italy) and Málaga in Spain.

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Cleanyst | A ‘sodastream’ for cleaning and personal care products


  • Cleanyst - bathroom use case
  • Cleanyst - laundry room use
  • Cleanyst - examples of shower bottles
  • Cleanyst - single-use plastic bottles blues
  • Cleanyst - pouches delivered to your door
  • Cleanyst - personalize by dropping into bottle
  • Cleanyst - mixing in process
  • Cleanyst - Mix at the press of a button

Cleanyst recently launched an at home mixing system for creating natural home and body care products with minimal plastic waste. In May 2019 their product, developed by industry professionals, was backed for more than 200% for their crowdfunding at Kickstarter. The ‘reusable bottle system makes plant-based cleaning and personal care products with concentrated ingredients shipped in minimal packaging.

Great product for households but we could imagine that it might be a great asset for B&B’s and small luxury hotels as well! You could create your own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and tub and tile cleaner. 

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Plant based Sushi | Pop-up store Amsterdam


  • Plant Based SushiPlant Based Sushi
  • Plant Based SushiPlant Based Sushi
  • Plant Based SushiPlant Based Sushi
  • Plant Based SushiPlant Based Sushi

Until the end of August, a pop-up ‘Plant Based Sushi’ restaurant is open on the 3rd floor at De Ruimte in Amsterdam North (Distelweg 83). The sushi they serve is far from boring. How does miso-marinated tofu with bimi and onion jam sound? Or grilled eggplant with berry rice?

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Inspiration from 2018 | Matcha


  • Maison KitsunéMaison Kitsuné
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Matcha MafiaMatcha Mafia
  • Matcha MafiaMatcha Mafia

In 2015 we wrote about Leonie van Spronsen who had a Matcha latte in Paris at the Maison Kitsuné, i.e. green coloured latte. Lately, we have also seen lattes in other colours passing by. In this article you’ll find some inspiration in regards to coloured lattes.

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Inspiration from 2018 | A list of alternatives to replace your plastic straws


  • RietjesRietjes

The use of plastic straws has already been abolished in several American cities. Last year, the European Commission also proposed to ban the use of plastic disposable items per 2021. Several parties have now taken the initiative to ban plastic straws permanently. They came up with sustainable alternatives. In this article from 2018 we came up with some alternatives!

Pop-up stores at your summer destination


  • Luca's pizza bar in de kopstootbar

Lately, pop-up stores seem to be everywhere. Curious if there will be one at your summer destination? In this article you’ll read which pop-up stores we have seen passing by and which ones will still be there coming period.

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Inspiration from 2018 l The (arcade)games are back


  • (arcade)games

These last few years we see them more and more often, arcade games in the hospitality and leisure industry. Pinball machines, air-hockey and pool tables, it’s all coming back. Cool concepts that focus on a specific game or sport and where eating and drinking does come in second.

The rise of ping-pong bars has been going on a while now. In all major Dutch cities there are now bars where people can enjoy a game of ping-pong with friends. The last few years also pétanque bars seem to have joined this movement (such as Mooie Boules in Amsterdam and Rotterdam), Airhockey concepts (Puck) and even some more “fancy” places (Flight Club Darts Londen).

Besides this, concepts like TonTon Club really try to take their guests back in time with games such as Mortal Kombat and Time Shooters to relive their childhood memories. On the other hand there are places that really focus on the younger generation and their needs. E-sport bars like Meltdown are places where you can both play e-sports and watch big live e-sport events.

In summary, it can be concluded that for the people who love games this movement is more than amazing!

Inspiration from 2018 (and 2019) | Non-alcoholic drinks


  • SeedlipSeedlip

Not just demand for healthy food is increasing, but also demand for healthy drinks. In 2018 we have seen a lot of product releases of non-alcoholic beers, drinks and cocktails. In this article you will find an overview of all non-alcoholic drinks we have seen. Which one is your favorite?

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Inspiration from 2018 | The Dirty Cookie, coffee or tea shots served in cookies


  • Cookie ShotsThe Dirty Cookie

Inspiration from 2018 – a very Instagrammable cookie cup! Based on the American dessert ‘Milk & Cookies’ but the other way around. We didn’t spot those cookies cups in the Netherlands yet.

Located at the Union Market Tustin in Los Angeles, The Dirty Cookie, a unique cookie shot glass concept. They sell all kind of flavours in Cookie shots that are made in-house. We even read at FoodBeast that they make purple Ube Cookie Shots and Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shots. The basic remains the same, instead of dipping your cookie in milk, coffee or any other liquid at The Dirty Cookie the liquid gets poured in the cookie.

Inspiration from 2018 | The Moonshine Raceway at ‘The Four Thieves’ pub


Inspiration from 2018 with a very current touch, the Moonshine Raceway, which we spotted in the ‘The Four Thieves’ pub in London. The current touch is for the Dutchies, with the arrival of the racing circuit in Zandvoort and the successes of Max Verstappen, such a racetrack might be a big success in  your pub!

Moonshine Raceway is a sporting activity which provides the opportunity to experience the thrills and spills of REAL motorsport. It’s safe, inexpensive and great fun! Drivers will be invited to take the wheel of one of 10 perfectly performance matched top range super-cars, using real steering and pedal controls to pilot their cars to victory. The first Moonshine raceway opened in 2017 at the pub and microbrewery ‘The Four Thieves’ in London.

Burger Pride| Ter Marsch & Co celebrates Gay pride with pink burger buns


  • Ter Marsch & CoTer Marsch & Co
  • Ter Marsch & CoTer Marsch & Co
  • Ter Marsch & CoTer Marsch & Co
  • Ter Marsch & CoTer Marsch & Co

In honour of the Amsterdam Pride Ter Marsch & Co takes a colourful approach. Besides the eclectic interior existing of powerful patterns, colours and flowers, they now also offer high-profile colours on a plate. This week, Ter Marsch & Co will be serving colourful pink burger buns from her own bakery, prepared by the great baker Edwin Klaasen. And who knows this may be integrated, after all it’s not their first controversial activity. To follow up on this matter, everyone who shows their pink panties on the third of august stands a chance of winning a free pink burger.

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Are you going to London this summer? A number of ‘trendy’ places to visit!


  • LondonLandmarks Afternoon Tea_STUDY_Hero_with Champagne_Landscape_LO RES

We spot a lot of inspiration in London for hospitality trends. Below is a short list with a number of great, ‘trendy’ places to visit. By the way, the Dominique Ansel Bakery in London where we wrote about yesterday is a great experience as well!

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Inspiration from 2018 | What-a-Melon


Inspiration from London: Dominique Ansel Bakery in London served soft serve in a slice of watermelon sourced from Italy last summer. The ice cream, called What-a-Melon, was made with fresh watermelon juice and ‘seeds’ made of dark chocolate. It first launched at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo in 2017.

Ice Cream served in lemons or oranges is quite common but in a slice of watermelon? It looks great and delicious though! Inspiration for ice cream parlors.

Inspiration from 2018 | Robots


  • Robot YO2D2Yotel Boston

In the Netherlands restaurants, hotels and bars face a big shortage of staff!  Many hospitality entrepreneurs will sometimes miss a robot in service! We wonder when we will see robots in the Dutch hospitality industry?

YOTEL, the affordable luxury hotel brand, announces their new hire in their Boston hotel, YO2D2. The Seaport hotel is known for its of-the-moment technology offerings which include super-fast (and free) WiFi, self-service check-in via mobile app and sleek cabins with SmartBeds™ and Technowalls. With this latest tech enhancement, guests can look forward to receiving amenities from and taking selfies with YOTEL’s newest crew member, YO2D2.

Would you like to eat in a robot-run restaurant? Or would you prefer a restaurant in which the waiter is being helped by a robot that helps them carry your food? Bear Robotics is designed not to replace human waiters but to act as an assistant. Korean restaurant Kang Nam Tofu House in Milpitas, California is the first to try out Bear Robotics.

Spyce is a Boston-based restaurant, founded by MIT graduates and backed by Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud. At Spyce, robots produce healthy fast food at affordable prices. At the newly-opened establishment all bowls start at USD 7.50, the prices are lower than at similar restaurants as robots save on human labor expenses and the robots work fast! The robots prepare your meal in 2 minutes and as you can watch in the video underneath the article, they even clean up their own mess!

Trends we spotted | Week 30


  • Trends we spotted this week

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about ice cream dumplings which are at the menu of Oddfellows in New York City and about The Grid, a combination of Escape rooms & cocktails in London. A new concept by Lollipop’s.

 In Hong Kong Fairwood eSports Café will open and it will be the first eSports café in the city which will be a dining destination as well. In Croatia they spotted smart city benches which are also internet hot spots. Created by the firm Include. And Tokyo is getting its own ‘Bubble Tea’ theme park!     

 In an American article we have spotted the pre-dinner drink Haus, a start-up in aperitifs with a lower alcohol level than other spirits. Sounds delicious! And start-up Third Aurora is busy creating self-translating wine labels! With a link to a video how this works!

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