Healthy cooking for the community


  • Ureban PlatesUrban Plates

Marjolein van Spronsen blogs about an initiative from California where catering companies and restaurants offer a ‘plate pass subscription’. Definitely an idea for restaurants in neighbourhoods with many dual-earners and their families.

This blog has been posted in Dutch recently at the website of Van Spronsen & Partners Hospitality Consultancy.

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Don’t worry, I will not be taking my dog with me to your hotel looking like this!


  • Jimmy

Marjolein van Spronsen blogs about a potential new guest, the dog! Even though hotels are focussing on hygiene and safety first due to Covid-19, your (potential) guests have bought a lot of dogs recently. Under which circumstances are dogs welcome at your hotel? And isn’t a dog wash station’ super helpful? Looking at our Jimmy it certainly is! 

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Dark Kitchens | What’s next?


  • Dark Kitchens - credits van Spronsen & Partners

Our colleague Leonie van Spronsen blogs about the phenomenon of ‘Dark Kitchens’. Currently these companies mainly focus on fast food and fast casual meals, but why not deliver high-quality meals from highly commended chefs from a virtual restaurant?

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