Happy Holidays


  • Fijne FeestdagenFijne Feestdagen - foto Faas Est 2016 Leiden
  • Fijne Feestdagen - foto Faas Est 2016 LeidenFijne Feestdagen - foto Faas Est 2016 Leiden

Thank you for reading our articles! In a world where so much is happening at the same time, attention is rare and precious. We don’t take your attention for granted and are looking forward to inspire you in 2022.   

Here in the Netherlands we are in lockdown in fear of theOmicron Variant. We are a small country that’s very crowded which means that the virus can easily spread among us. So for now we’re looking with envy to all the countries where the restaurants, shops, clubs, gyms, theatres, museums, cafés and bars are open.   

One of the side effects of this obligatory closure is that most people working in the hospitality industry get to spend Christmas evening at home. Quality time with your families, enjoying the company you’ve invited with Christmas. And of course for those working, have some Christmas spirit with your colleagues. We spotted a lot of restaurants that already decided to stay closed for this Christmas weekend or to only deliver Christmas diner boxes. And with the obligatory lock down as of December 19, lots of restaurants followed.  

Have a great Christmas Eve and for 2022 we wish you a healthy and happy New Year with many visits to restaurants, cafés and bars! 😉 

Team Van Spronsen & Partners Group

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