Christmas inspiration 2021 | Examples of other restaurants, fast food chains and hotels


  • Kerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est Leiden 1Kerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est Leiden
  • Kerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est LeidenKerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est Leiden
  • Kerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est LeidenKerst Inspiratie 2021 - credits Faas Est Leiden

We have been sharing inspiration on our website since 2007, inspiration that we find in the hospitality industry or by online spotting of what our colleague hospitality entrepreneurs all over the world are doing. If you search our website for ‘Christmas’, you will get pages full with examples like glitter gravy, the Christmas afternoon in Hengelo to storytelling by the Rocco Forte hotel chain under the name of #RFWinterTale.

Our last real Christmas publication was ‘Christmas Gestures’ back in 2013, containing examples of ‘golden cutlery’ or ‘golden Japanese sticks’, ‘golden fortune cookies’ but also pizza slices and pizza boxes in the Christmas tree. For our 2021 publication we went to find inspiration for decorating a Christmas tree for in restaurants, fast food chains, bars or hotels at FAAS Est in Leiden. A great shop that sells all kinds of food ornaments. Check out their photos on the front page of this years publication. In ‘Christmas inspiration 2021’ we particularly mention inspiration to celebrate Christmas outdoor, a safe way to have fun with your guests this Holiday Season.

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Ice cream parlors | Trend white paper


  • IJssalons

The third Sunday of July was designated in the USA as National Ice Cream Day, in fact even July is the Ice Cream Month since 1984. It seems that the those who celebrate this National Day have to thank President Ronald Reagan for it! He wanted to commemorate a treat enjoyed by over 90 percent of the nation’s population and produced by 10% of the nation’s milk supply. When Reagan’s proclamation was officially signed into law, he also called on the U.S. people to pay tribute to ice-cream with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

This Sunday is ice cream party time! We created a white paper with all the trends we spotted the last couple of years. lees verder

Trends for your terrace 2016


  • IJsjes
  • Stoere limonades
  • Kraanwater
  • Koude koffie & koffiecocktails
  • Vermouth of gin-tonic

The meteorological spring has started this week. Here in Amsterdam the weather doesn’t show a sign of it yet, but with a little bit of luck we can enjoy the sunshine on the terraces by the end of the month. What should you serve on your terrace this season? Below you can find a list of products we expect to see on the Dutch terraces. In our first trend presentation this year, about terrace trends, the products below were mentioned. lees verder

About the Escape Rooms in the Netherlands


Unfortunately this publication is only in Dutch….

10 tips for small gestures that make a room more welcoming


A hotel room is a room where you sleep when you are traveling. Whether this is for business or pleasure, it doesn’t really matter much. The guest pays for the luxury he or she wants to experience during the stay. Yet there are those little gestures you can use to pamper the guest just a little extra. We have collected 10 examples of small suggestions to spice up your hotel room.

Hotel amenities

We all know the standard of soaps, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bathing caps, toothbrush sets and shaving kits by now. Many of these amenities disappear in the suitcase and are a lasting reminder of your hotel in the bathroom of your previous guests. Definitely keep the standard amenities as a giveaway. I must say, I’m still positively surprised if I find mini packs makeup remover wipes. Hoteliers, this is highly appreciated by women!

Bath Menu and sunscreen

At the Andaz Hotel in San Diego they have a bowl at the front desk with sunscreen sachets that have a high protection for your face! What a great service. At the Surf & Sand Resort Laguna Beach (Los Angeles) there are cheerful messages on the amenities of the hotel. Texts that make you happy when you walk into the bathroom in the morning.

More and more hotels are offering some kind of a Bath Menu: you can get an extended bath treatment from top soap brands. This can be a form of upselling, recently we wrote about it on

Magazines or other books besides the bed

At Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles next to the Getty Museum, the nightstand contains a book with uplifting and cheerful texts and drawings next to the traditional Bible. Guests can buy the book downstairs in the shop as well, along with other fun books in this series! You see more and more luxury hotels that present a selection of magazines in the room. And if you do it, do it right. At the Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach we received a daily selection of various magazines!

Children in the hotel room

It always amazes me that there is so little attention to detail for (parents with) children. Occasionally we’ve encountered some toys at a room, a simple gesture which makes a child happy and the parents as well. At Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica they have a box in the bookcase with a yo-yo and three juggling balls. For the little ones, they have also a small whale for in the bath! But even older children find these toys fun, is my experience! A beach ball in a seaside hotel or some traditional Dutch games like the reversed buckets that you keep under your feet while walking by two strings in your hand. A doll in traditional costume for the toddler could be fun too, and so on.

Even adults like to play …

Adults also love to play as well, they know that at Shutters on the Beach. At the bathroom they have locked some guilty pleasures in a bathroom cabinet. More hotels are offering excitement in this form, sometimes in collaboration with well-known adult shops like Christine le Duc.

Yoga offer in your hotel room

At LUXURY Sunset Boulevard hotel a yoga mat in your hotel room is ready to use. There is a business card attached to it that says “Decompress with my yoga works” and it includes a code for a month of online yoga classes. Guests can also attend a complimentary yoga class at a location nearby. It could be interesting to collaborate with a local yoga teacher on this. Or if you haven’t got a gym at the hotel, working together with a gym nearby can be an option as well.

Use a minibar in a charming way.

In a number of luxury hotels the minibar is already free of charge. Given the prices you pay for the room, the cost is often negligible. It is really charming to offer some drinks for free in any case, even a simple bottle of water on the nightstand is appreciated by your guests. Every day the Andaz Hotel in San Diego offered some drinks and snacks for free. They would put these on top of the mini-bar with a friendly note attached.

Do not disturb sign

The Marriott hotel in Dana Point California has a special ‘do not disturb’ sign: Gone Surfin ! It’s definitely responding to local conditions ;-). The Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach (Los Angeles) has a ‘do not disturb sign’ sign that you put into the keyhole. That will keep the maid out if you want to sleep..

Local hints in your hotel room

It’s old fashioned but at the luxury hotels it’s certainly still common, a box of stationery and postcards. Yet there are more and more people who just send postcards from their holiday address. The Surf & Sand Resort has put a handful of shells from the beach in their box which can be added to your letter. What is a local element at your location? If it’s the view, provide a binoculars for your guests.

Responding to special circumstances for your guests …

Nothing is easier than a guest who indicates that he or she is at your hotel to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or something else. An opportunity to score for an open goal. And yet many hotels miss this! A small cake with a personal congratulation can sparkle a miracle and is often shared via social media. It is not really about what you do, as long as you do something.

Marjolein van Spronsen

Selfies are here to stay!


Restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions can use the trends #selfies.

The Braggy

Regardless of your opinion, too narcissistic, often poor quality, you aren’t fond of those flashes of the phones of those young people, the #Selfie is incredibly popular. Especially during this holiday season it struck me how many people make selfies at tourist spots, in well-known restaurants, on the beach, drinking a cocktail etcetera and posted it on their social media channels. In America they already came up with a new term, ‘The #Braggy’, from to brag.

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This diet is Scandilicious!


  • Scandinavisch dieet

“In the past we have seen that ‘popular diets’ like for example Montignac and Atkins, did wonders (sales wise) for restaurants offering meals prepared within the limits of those diets. Would this be possible with the Scandinavian diet as well?” Our guest writer, Julia Soldic explains….

The masses are embracing the Scandinavian diet, the eatable solution to prolonged life expectancy – Why?

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Cooking at the beat of dance music


  • Secret Restaurant 1
  • Secret Restaurant 2
  • Secret Restaurant 3
  • Secret Restaurant 4
  • Secret Restaurant 5

Dance festival Tomorrowland was held on the 19th, 20th, 26nd and 27th of July. The festival isn’t just well known for its music, but for the culinary experience as well. For the third time in history a small amount of people could experience the cooking skills of Sergio Herman in the secret restaurant, hidden in the main stage. For the amount of € 15.000,- Sergio Herman, Quique Dacosta (three Michelin stars) from restaurant Quique Dacosta and Kobe Desramaults (one Michelin star) from restaurant In De Wulf prepared several dishes while the music was playing loud.

The rest of the publication is only available in Dutch

Research about Asian restaurants in The Netherlands


  • brancheonderzoek Aziatische restaurantsBrancheonderzoek door Van Spronsen & Partners horeca-advies

This article describes the developments of the Asian restaurant sector in The Netherlands. Unfortionately this article is only available in Dutch. Please contact + 31 71 541 88 67 if you have any questions.

Nijmegen has the cheapest prices on a terrace


  • Terrasonderzoek 2015

The city Nijmegen has the cheapest prices on patios of the Netherlands. The average price for a round of drinks (2 coffee’s, 2 beers, 2 softdrinks, 2 glasses of Rosé wine) at a patio in Nijmegen is € 18,77. Van Spronsen & Partners horeca-advies conducts this survey annually. The article is only available in Dutch.

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