Koppert Cress introduces Hummus Leaves


  • Squid Beet with Hummes Leaves by Koppert CressSquid Beet with Hummes Leaves by Koppert Cress
  • Hummus leavesHummus leaves
  • Fakir Bowl - Koppert Cress introduces Hummus LeavesFakir Bowl - Koppert Cress introduces Hummus Leaves
  • Mother Earth - Koppert Cress introduces Hummus LeavesMother Earth - Koppert Cress introduces Hummus Leaves

Hummus Leaves is the firm leaf of the original chickpea plant, known as the base of the popular hummus. Hummus Leaves is a decorative leaf, e.g. for use in the Asian and Oriental cuisine. It has a pleasant bite with full flavour of chickpea and a salty/sour aftertaste. A welcome ingredient in hot and cold dishes, especially in combination with cumin, legumes, eggplant, pumpkin, beetroot and pistachio.

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Koppert Cress launches Sweet Peeper!


  • Sweet Peeper cress by Koppert CressSweet Peeper cress by Koppert Cress
  • Sweet Peeper cress by Koppert CressSweet Peeper cress by Koppert Cress
  • Sweet Peeper cress by Koppert CressSweet Peeper cress by Koppert Cress
  • Sweet Peeper cress by Koppert CressSweet Peeper cress by Koppert Cress

Koppert Cress recently introduced  their Sweet Peeper cress! Koppert Cress specializes in cresses; seedlings of unique plants, which each have their own specific effect on the senses. Flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation, there is a cress for all. And the assortment is widening. Every year at least one new item is added to their collection of Micro-vegetables. A collection, which is presented as ‘Architecture Aromatique’. Sweet Peeper is the latest addition and we’re curious for this cress from sweet potato! Underneath the article you will find a video in which chef Edwin van den Heykant from Bowery restaurant at the Hilton Schiphol, creates a couple of dishes with the Sweet Peeper cress.   read more

Koppert Cress launches the Zallotti Blossom


Are you looking for something new to decorate your dishes? Koppert Cress has launched the Zallotti Blossom, a purple flower with the taste of basil and mint. read more

Gastronomixs and Koppert Cress


Koppert Cress and Gastronomixc have been working together and designed a component schedule. Gastronomixs is a worldwide culinary database and an idea generator for chefs and food professionals. The schedule shows that you can do more with the Aclla Cress (fresh citrus flavor) than just food garnish. Be inspired by the many possibilities that this schedule, like a mild curry of Aclla Cress and almonds or an aromatic broth with citrus and Aclla Cress.

A new edible flower by Koppert Cress


The company Koppert Cress has developed a new edible flower, named Vananco Leaves. The purple flower with white accents has a neutral taste and is widely applicable. Because of the color the flower matches well with desserts, salads or both fish and meat. The Vananco Leaves are originated in the Asian rainforest and grows in moist places. Koppert Cress offers Vananco Leaves that are specially grown for consumption and can safely be used in dishes.

Zorri Cress


Koppert Cress introduces a new cress, the Zorri Cress. Healthy, tasteful and beautiful in compositions on the plate.

The Zorri Cress

On a regular basis Koppert Cress introduces a new cress, this time the Zorri Cress. Zorri Cress is the sprout of the Nasturtium. This is a spicy decorative plant which has been growing in our gardens for centuries. The plant originates from the Andes and arrived in Europe in the sixteenth century via Peru. The leaf is shaped like a shield, and the spicy taste of the product combines well with refreshing dishes both warm and cold. Zorri Cress is available year round. The optimum temperature at which the quality is the best maintained, is between 2 and 4 ° C.

Besides the cresses Koppert Cress regularly introduces flowers that can be used in the kitchen, such as the BlinQ Blossom® in 2013. With the introduction of the BlinQ Blossem® the focus was still on storytelling around the product. Nowadays the cresses of Koppert Cress are so popular with chefs that a single introduction of the cress is sufficient.

The We’re Smart Future Awards 2021


  • We're Smart Future Awards 2021We're Smart Future Awards 2021
  • Winner Eleven Madison ParkWinner Eleven Madison Park
  • Winner Gambero RossoWinner Gambero Rosso
  • Winner HomeForestWinner HomeForest
  • Winner Michelin Green StarWinner Michelin Green Star
  • Winner plant-based broth VOL5Winner plant-based broth VOL5
  • Winner Rob Baan from Koppert CressWinner Rob Baan from Koppert Cress
  • Winner The Green BeanWinner The Green Bean

Celebrating their culinary contributions for nutritious, planet-friendly – and delicious – innovations, the winners of the We’re Smart Future Awards 2021 have been revealed at the Horeca Expo in Ghent on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Winners of the Future Awards 2021 are Rob Baan, The Green Bean, VOL5, HomeForest, Plant-T, Eleven Madison Park, Gambero Rosso and Michelin Green Star.

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iKi Beer launches gastronomical beers with top chef Kelvin Lin


  • iKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin LiiKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin Lin
  • iKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin LiiKi Beer in samenwerking met Kelvin Lin

iKi Beer is expanding their range with a line of beers in collaboration with Dutch top chef Kelvin Lin, known for his restaurant Nayolie. The beers are unique because they work with fresh ingredients and not with extracts. Fresh lemongrass was used for the ‘Lemongrass’ and Zallotti Blossom was added to the ‘Thai Sweet Basil’. CEO Rob Baan of Koppert Cress in Monster, where the Zallotti Blossom is grown, ceremoniously received the first bottle of beer.

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration April 10


And then it is Easter! Most restaurants that have been delivering are now busy preparing their dishes. Last Wednesday, our colleagues from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultants  published a whitepaper: ‘Coronavirus crisis, resilience of the catering industry’, in which one of the conclusions is that even when the catering industry could start up again, in the new reality, the ‘social distance society’, delivery will certainly prove to be an addition to the turnover.

This week’s inspiration!

Including initiatives of collaborations between supermarkets and catering suppliers and restaurants.  But also a restaurant chain in the UK that is considering to create mini supermarkets in their restaurants in which they will sell products from their suppliers.

Great item for your newsletter, ask your regular guests what they are missing from your hotel or restaurant as done by the Oetker Collection. They also give recipes and exercises to keep fit. #WESTAYUNITED

Some brands even draw attention to ‘Social Distance’ with their logo, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in Brazil. Jure Tovrlian from Slovenia made a few examples, the last one is very funny!

A very useful item in this coronavirus period has more than raised their target amount on Kickstarter, a keyring with a ‘Hygiene Hand’ attached to it. And an example of how the BrewDog brewery is coping with this crisis, they have a Hop Drop app with drive-thru beer collection points, they help make handsanitizers and they organize an online bar.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Trends we spotted this week – week 38


  • Trends in het kort

At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, Streethacker a new app and Print a Drink, 3D printing hits the cocktail scene.

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