Eating an ice cream roll in Paris this summer?


If you’re going to Paris this summer, you will able to eat an ice cream roll on Rue de Turenne. IceRoll boutique just opened a store in Paris, where they sell freshly made ice cream rolls with a touch of show! The ice cream is made on a Teppanyaki and is originally from Asia, and now starts to be popular in America and thus in Europe as well. It’s about time we get a store in the Netherlands! read more

Rolled ice cream shop opens in Philadelphia


Instant ice cream for instant satisfaction at Sweet Charlie’s rolled ice cream shop in Philadelphia. Like in New York, where long lines form outside of 10Below’s at a regular base for their instant ice cream.

Rolled ice cream from an Ice Teppanyaki

Sweet Charlie’s owner Kyle Billig is studying business at Arizona State University while simultaneously opening Philadelphia’s first-ever Thai rolled ice cream shop, Sweet Charlie’s. The frozen treat craze already took New York by storm, block-long lines forming at 10Below’s doors just for a taste of the instant ice cream. The instant ice cream is made at an Ice Teppanyaki (a plate of -30 degrees Celsius). Made to order, so no preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers. At Sweet Charlie’s they don’t even have a freezer in the shop! Just the cold plate, two scrapers, milk and toppings. And a lot of toppings, like oreo, coffee and donut, mint chip, green tea, s’more, key lime, banana & nutella etc..

Many more instant ice cream shops are found in the far east (we spotted several in Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur). The Ice Teppanyaki can be used together with the gelato machine, which is preparing ice cream in front of the customer as well. The Ice Teppanyaki can be used in different ways but we like the rolled way!

The flavour line up of the Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch


  • The flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya HindmarchThe flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch
  • The flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya HindmarchThe flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch
  • The flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya HindmarchThe flavour line-up by The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch
  • The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch3The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch
  • The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch3The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch

The Ice Cream Project by Anya Hindmarch is open in the Village Hall at 11 Pont Street in London until August 28th , and they introduce a very special flavour line up. The Ice Cream Project is the latest concept store at The Village – offering a collection of unexpectedly delicious ice creams and sorbets celebrating Anya Hindmarch’s favourite cult food brands.

We did spot this spectacular ice cream project on Instagram and we wonder if these flavours would be inspiration for other ice cream parlours? And we have spotted a lot of ice cream inspiration but these flavours are special!

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10 Ice cream inspiration ideas | Inspiration for a long, hot summer of hospitality


  • Mochi-ice-cream
  • Ijsmanschap Amsterdam - popsicles bar
  • Chimney with ice cream by Good Food
  • Ice cream served with your coffee
  • Taiyaki - Fish waffle with ice cream

What’s going to be a trend in ice cream this summer? Throughout the past year we have seen that comfort food was very popular in the take-away and delivery market, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer of the Dutch 3 Michelin stars restaurant De Librije reopened last week with inroom dining (March 19) with a menu of 6 classic dishes from 30 years De LibrijeDoes that mean that we’re mainly craving the classic ice cream flavours this summerAt Horecatrends, we think that the flavours vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and strawberry will of course remain favouriteBut there is a lot more to choose from… Ice cream maker Rob Kok (IJspaleis Driehuis) came up with a solution for doubting guests in 2016, the ehh ice cream’!

But there are more types of ice cream that are gaining attention, such as the Japanese Mochi ice cream, ice cream made from pickles and so on. We listed a top 10 ice cream inspiration ideas 

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Pizookie | Pizza, cookies and vanilla ice cream!


  • (PRNewsfoto/BJ's Restaurants, Inc.)

On National Cereal Day, Thursday, March 7, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse® launched the first of a line of cereal-enhanced Pizookies®, which will be rolled out throughout 2019. The inaugural flavor, a Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ Cereal Pizookie®, will feature a buttery sugar cookie baked in its own deep-dish pan and topped with rich vanilla bean ice cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal and cinnamon sugar. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ Cereal Pizookie® is the dessert that Millennials have been looking for – a little bit of whimsy paired with a nostalgic treat that can be eaten at any time of day. read more

Love Potion No. 921 | Ice Cream created for the National Ice Cream Day


  • Love potion nr. 9Love potion nr. 921

Inspired by the agency’s mission to ‘Do Things People Love’, Periscope, one of the nation’s top five independent marketing agencies, is launching its very own branded ice cream. Love Potion No. 921, a blood orange and pomegranate ice cream with a hint of ginger, was designed by Periscope employees as part of the agency’s 2018 brand refresh. The ice cream was created in collaboration with Izzy’s® Ice Cream, a nationally award-winning ice cream shop that started selling the confection on Friday, July 13, the weekend of National Ice Cream Day (July 15). read more

Ice cream | A list for the lovers


  • The Tipsy Scoop
  • Sweet Mirrie's
  • Suikerspin burrito
  • Nozem ijs
  • Lekkernijs
  • Liefmans ijs
  • Gin-tonic ijs
  • CoolMess
  • Bavaria Radler ijs

One of the unique characteristics of ice cream is the fact that it combines very well with several products. In May we already published a bucket list with ice cream parlours but in the meanwhile we already posted 10 more stories about ice cream. A new list thus with amongst others one of the first ice cream parlours in the Netherlands that sells rolled ice cream, a parlour where DIY soft serve ice cream is being served and a cotton candy burrito with ice cream but also ice cream with alcohol like gin tonic or with beer. We are curious which Dutch ice cream parlour starts selling the black ice cream. It’s a total Instagram hype at the moment! read more

Sweet Mirrie’s | First ice cream teppanyaki in The Hague


  • Sweet Mirrie's
  • Sweet Mirrie's
  • Sweet Mirrie's
  • Sweet Mirrie's

Two weeks ago, a new unique concept opened in The Hague. Sweet Mirrie’s makes ice cream as we already have spotted a lot in the Far East. The teppanyaki ice cream is not brand new, we spotted it before and wrote about it before. But we haven’t spotted a concept like this before in the Netherlands. read more

Cotton candy burrito | ‘Burrito’ filled with ice cream


We cannot deny that ice cream burritos and ice cream tacos have become popular! Now we’ve spotted Sugar Sugar, a dessert shop in Ontario, Canada. Sugar Sugar serves a cotton candy burrito, a ‘burrito’ filled with ice cream. A great creation for people craving for sweet stuff. read more

Nescafé | Ad for pop-up coffee shop trolls Starbucks


  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom
  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom
  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom

Nescafé has opened a pop-up coffee shop in Toronto, where everyone has to bring and make their own coffee. Indeed, you have to bring your own coffee otherwise you will not be able to enter the Coffee Taproom. The pop-up is a stunt by Nescafé and designed to promote the Nescafé Sweet & Creamy coffee sticks. The ad for pop-up Coffee Taproom trolls Starbucks! read more

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