Zen Tea, Chinese High Tea


Lotus restaurant in Vlijmen offers a Chinese High Tea with six different kinds of tea. A Chinese tea ceremony with sweet and savoury snacks and a refreshing dessert. A real Zen Tea.

High Tea has been popular in The Netherlands for a while now, in several restaurants it’s even on the standard menu. Besides the ‘standard’ High Tea, we’ve never heard of a High Tea at a real Chinese restaurant in The Netherlands. Our colleague Lennert Rietveld from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy met Willem Man while he was giving a presentation about culinary trends for Chinese entrepreneurs at Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. He enthusiastically told him about his High Tea service at his restaurant Lotus, the Lotus Zen Tea.

Lotus Zen Tea

Zen Tea was created during an inspiration session with the staff and it’s definitely a good way to fill up the less busy moments. Lotus Zen Tea starts with a refreshing towel, followed by a Chinese tea ceremony. According to the ritual, all the teacups will be placed on the table and the first cups of tea will be poured. Next to tea, guests will also get a glass of rosé. Then the sweet snacks will be served which were made in cooperation with de Vermeulen & Den Otter bakery. Think of macarons with flavours like lychee, ginger and green tea, diced coconut cake, lemongrass cookies and lightly salted cashew cookies. After a zen moment more savoury snacks will be served. Steamy baskets containing dainty dishes such as Sieuw Mai and Ha Kaauw, prepared by chef Tak Kee Yeung will be stacked on the table. The Zen Tea ends with ice cream made of red pepper and star anise with fresh fruit. The ice is specially designed for restaurant Lotus by ’t Heusden Ijshuys. The Zen Tea is also available in an completely vegetarian kind, it lasts about two hours and costs € 25,= per person. Restaurant Lotus also has designed special gift vouchers. Sounds great right? The magazine Pâtisserie & Dessert has also written an extensive article about the Lotus Zen Tea.

Happyhappy tea time | Asian high tea at Happyhappyjoyjoy


  • Happyhappy tea time by HappyhappyjoyjoyHappyhappy tea time by Happyhappyjoyjoy
  • Happyhappy tea time by HappyhappyjoyjoyHappyhappy tea time by Happyhappyjoyjoy

It’s Happyhappy tea time! From the 14th of February you can book your Asian High tea at Happyhappyjoyjoy in Amsterdam, an colourful Asian streetfood hangout. During the high tea you’ll be able to enjoy a bamboo basket full of carefully selected Asian sweet and savory bites including a hot pot of Jasmin tea to share.

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Cloud Clubbing | On- and offline music events


  • Cloud Clubbing

Due to the Corona Virus the recent months have been a little crazy and strange for everyone. Not being able to see friends and family, no longer being allowed to go to the gym and no longer being able to go to a festival or nightclub to enjoy your favourite music. The latter especially is such a pity during this time in which everyone can use a bit of fun and cheerfulness. For now, it looks like all music venues and night clubs will be closed until at least the 1st of September here in the Netherlands. Also, festivals, of which we have so many in the Netherlands, will not take place until the 1st of September or might not even be allowed at all until there is a vaccine against the virus.

A blog by our colleague Marguerita Vogelsang about examples from the nightlife and festival scene, an industry that has been hit unprecedented hard economically by the corona crisis. Nevertheless, she also spots all kinds of positive initiatives in this sector.

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration April 6


Gradually we get used to the effects of the Covid-19 virus here in the Netherlands, fortunately many keep their distance and many people are able to work from home. Maybe even in the sun today! But more and more entrepreneurs are starting to worry about the economic impact. They could survive the first deadline here of the 6th of April, but the effects are getting more serious now. Fortunately, we see a lot of inspiration and even experience it ourselves, such as restaurant owners who add a card to the delivery to thank their guests and offer a glass of bubbles when his or her business is open again.

This week’s inspiration!

With initiatives involving collaboration like between the kitchen of Eleven Madison Park & the Rethink Group. The restaurant with three Michelin stars is now part of a ‘Soup kitchen’ and an example from a takeout meal from restaurant Alinea in Chicago, also with three Michelin stars.

A bagel shop ‘Call Your Mother’ in Washington reopened and came up with a very special and original auction!

In China we have spotted a special delivery initiative at Meituan, they deliver a paper shield behind which you can eat! And New York-based technology and lifestyle company Air Co. makes hand sanitizer out of CO2. We already wrote about their carbon negative vodka earlier.

An initiative by Airbnb to offer health care professionals and first responsers sleeping places closer to their work. And an article that made us realize how difficult entrepreneurship in the U.S. is. We came across an article about choosing between offering delivery which increases the possibility of infection of employees with Covid-19 or fire to them.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

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Trends we spotted | Week 3


  • trends we spotted this week

At hospitalitytrends.eu we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Selfridges that has a café with an adult-sized slide in its window and about Lets Golf!, they transformed the city of Groningen into a minigolf park.

During the Hotelnacht (the hotel night) 2020 in Amsterdam (the 18th of January) you can participate at Taiko Bar’s Asian Karaoke Night at the Conservatorium hotel. Or visit the Pulitzer x Lindt during the Hotelnacht 2020. They’re creating a chocolate heaven!

In December the first vegan cheese shop opened in Amsterdam and in London a pop-up cheese-themed hotel will open! An idea by Café Rouge.

Le Prestine in Antwerp, the new restaurant for Sergio Herman is looking for staff, they will open this April. Also a link to ‘The Jungle Bubble by Anantara’ in Thailand, watching elephants from your bed and bubble! And inspiration for a children’ playground from Beijing, the Baoyan Park Children’s Entertainment Park. 

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Trends we spotted | Week 30


  • Trends we spotted this week

At hospitalitytrends.eu we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about ice cream dumplings which are at the menu of Oddfellows in New York City and about The Grid, a combination of Escape rooms & cocktails in London. A new concept by Lollipop’s.

 In Hong Kong Fairwood eSports Café will open and it will be the first eSports café in the city which will be a dining destination as well. In Croatia they spotted smart city benches which are also internet hot spots. Created by the firm Include. And Tokyo is getting its own ‘Bubble Tea’ theme park!     

 In an American article we have spotted the pre-dinner drink Haus, a start-up in aperitifs with a lower alcohol level than other spirits. Sounds delicious! And start-up Third Aurora is busy creating self-translating wine labels! With a link to a video how this works!

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Starbucks Now | Starbucks unveiled their express retail store experience in Beijing


  • StarbucksNowStarbucksNow
  • StarbucksNowStarbucksNow
  • StarbucksNowStarbucksNow
  • StarbucksNowStarbucksNow
  • StarbucksNowStarbucksNow

Starbucks recently opened its first Starbucks Now™ store – an innovative, express retail experience that seamlessly integrates Starbucks physical and digital customer touchpoints. Combining the signature Starbucks café environment with Mobile Order & Pay and Starbucks Delivers™ customer experiences, this streamlined experience allows customers and delivery riders to conveniently get their favorite beverages and food at Starbucks.

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Trends we spotted | Week 14


  • Trends in het kort

At hospitalitytrends.eu we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about the new guest chef at Gastronomixs of restaurant Under in Norway, we recently wrote about this restaurant. And George Clooney called for a boycott of hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

Did you ever taste black Sapote? We thought it sounds like maybe snake? Read in the article what it really is! And inspiration for avocado lovers from Texas, The Barbacado.

We’re kind of jealous at those working at offices in the UK, they can enter a contest to win a Brockmans Gin pop-up G&T bar for their Friday happy hour at the office! We hope to inspire Dutch Gin or Jenever brands to do the same!

A great example of collaboration from New York, The Republic of Booza started a collaboration series! And if you’re going to Paris, check out the L’Atelier des Lumières museum! You can walk in one of the painting of Van Gogh here!

BrewDog wants to open a hotel for beer geeks In London and they might get the MGS Sphere there in the future! Also in London: a new dining boulevard opened under the new European headquarters of Bloomberg.

Last but not least: for those who love to play the ‘Mario Kart’ game; a real-life game is coming to London! With whom are you going? read more

Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 46


YouTube is a great source for inspiration for trend spotting. On a daily base, thousands of clips are being uploaded, and we decided to start with a weekly column of personal selections. This week a top 3 of culinary videos worth watching, based on the interests of Mike Adam, one of our writers. With this week videos about a sublime way to cook your burgers, a Korean Barbeque restaurant with a Michelin star in New York and about a sea food feast of $1.500 in China! read more

Trends we spotted | Week 34


  • Trends in het kort

At hospitalitytrends.eu we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others 2 articles about the digital developments in the coffee world in China where speed and efficiency play an increasingly important role. Also a nice idea for ice cream parlours, an ice cream sample platter with all flavours in the display! In addition, we received the message that Bird Brewery from Amsterdam scored 5 times gold at the World Beer Awards 2018, in the article a list of the winning beers! Also a link to a new restaurant in Amsterdam to put on your list to visit if you’re a foodie and if you are going to Brussels, check out the recently opened food market, Food District.

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